The Best of 2018 | Brides + Business Photography by Tiberius Images


As I look back over 2018, one practice I have is to look at what content I created interested you, the reader.

I do that by looking through our website stats and seeing which pages you visited on our site and how long you stayed to look at what we created for you.

Knowing that we have two distinct audiences for our photo clients (brides and businesses), I thought it might be helpful if you were able to see both sides of what we did in 2018.

What you’ll find below are links to the TOP 10 WEDDING POSTS and TOP 10 BUSINESS POSTS of 2018.

I hope you find something new and I’d love to hear which is the most surprising to you!


1) Before And After Wedding Photos | Straight Out Of Camera Vs Client Ready

2) Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding Reception Venues | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

3) Jason + Aimee | Noto's Wedding In Grand Rapids

4) Kent + April | Camp Blodgett Wedding On Lake Michigan

5) Austin + Tere | Lakefront Wedding At Private Michigan Home

6) Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Men's Wearhouse | Men's Wedding Attire

7) Eric + Andrea | Cascade Hills Country Club Wedding

8) Ryan + Hannah | StoneWater Country Club Wedding In Grand Rapids

9) Patrick + Ashley | Wedding At Little Point Sable Church

10) Jeff + Megan | June Wedding In Grand Rapids


1) West Michigan Photo Project - 12 Counties, 33 Locations, 21,000+ Photos

2) The Lakeshore: Mason, Oceana, Muskegon, Ottawa & Allegan | West Michigan Photo Project

3) Where Did We Go? | West Michigan Photo Project

4) How Can People Be Your Secret Weapon In Marketing?

5) Pure Michigan Summer | West Michigan Photo Project

6) You Took HOW MANY Uber Rides In 2017?

7) What I Learned From Taking 150,777 Photos | 3 Lessons

8) What Does A Year Of Event Photography Look Like? | Saint Mary's Foundation

9) How To Reach More People Online With Your Photos (Maybe 20,000 Or So)

10) Pure Michigan Governor's Conference On Tourism | Grand Rapids Conference

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