Before and After Wedding Photos | Straight Out of Camera vs Client Ready

A client recently asked me to put together a collection of "before and after" photos from our 2017 weddings so she could compare the photos we take with the photos we deliver. 

Initially I said, "Why would you need to see before and after photos? You're only going to see the photos once they're finished and ready for viewing. You're going to love the way you look..." 

Her response was, "Seeing your before and after images will help me get a better feel of your editing style. It will show me how you crop images, change contrast, coloring and overall, how much work is done to the photos." 

Reluctantly, I put together a group of favorite photos and as I looked through the before and after images, I had to admit something. 

I had to admit she was right.

Seeing images side by side from the initial photo to the finished image helped me see how we tell the story of a wedding day through our cameras. 

It proved so helpful to us we wanted to share the images with you, our clients and friends.

Here are a few highlights of the before and after gallery: 

  • Many of the images are dominated by the look between the people in the photo -- we call this "the connection"
  • We love using the space around us to create the best photos possible -- this means using the lakeside setting, building, field, walkway, etc. 
  • We love images that are full of saturation and contrast to accentuate the difference between subject and surroundings 

As you scroll you will find the "straight out of camera" image first and the image delivered to the client below the original. Hopefully you will find the collection of images telling about our style and how we see the world of weddings. 

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