The Headshot Studio Experience | Hungerford Nichols

When your company has employees, some who work in the office, some who spend time out on the road with clients and others who work in a different part of the state, employee headshots can quickly become a mishmash of photos from both professionals and amateurs.

But doesn’t it make sense that if your website and online presence is the first place people begin their research about your company, you might want to have a clear strategy for employee photos?

That’s where our Headshot Studio comes in.

We can photograph your team in no time, making it easy and simple for you to promote the most valuable asset you have in your marketing arsenal: your staff!

Hungerford Nichols is an accounting firm headquartered in Grand Rapids.

Typically we work with marketing teams or event staff and in the case of Hungerford Nichols, the person who contacted me was their marketing manager, Heather Halligan.

She had approximately 80 staff that needed new portraits taken. “Do you have a way of making it simple and easy for the staff?” she asked.

“Yes I do! That’s exactly what the Headshot Studio is for!” was my response!

What is the Headshot Studio?

It’s a scalable way to take lots of portraits in a short amount of time.

We have a simple lighting setup, a simple backdrop and with the help of our on site contact (in this case Heather), we photographed 80+ staff in under 90 minutes!

Why Is Speed Beneficial When It Comes to the Headshot Studio?

Three reasons:

1) If you are a service based business, you may be in a “billable time” situation where you are looking to minimize time away from your desk

2) For anyone who says, “I don’t like having my photo taken…” they don’t have much to complain about if they know the process takes 2 minutes (or less)

3) Very few people want to sit in hair and makeup for 30 minutes, then sit while the photographer makes all kinds of adjustments. They simply want their photo taken quickly and efficiently.

And most importantly, they want the final image to look great!

The Headshot Studio is a great solution for clients big and small.

As you can see, Hungerford Nichols now has a clean, consistent look for their staff across the state. Most were in front of the camera and away from their desks for a few minutes.

Looking to update your company’s professional look?
The Headshot Studio might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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