iPhone Wedding Video | New Video Option from Tiberius Images

The world of technology continues to change faster and faster. Most people don't own a camera that fits in their pocket or purse, they are simply using their phones to record the world around them. My wife asked the question over the winter, "What would happen if we captured a wedding day with a simple camera like an iPhone?" I told her I wasn't sure what the film would look like, but I bet we could create a great "wedding highlight" reel that gave couples a simple option when it came to their wedding day!

Well in March, with the assistance of two friends, who have film degrees, we took a couple of iPhones to task to find out what they could do!

What we discovered: because everyone is so used to having a phone in front of them, it allows operators the chance to be right in the middle of the action with out disrupting much of anything. It was amazing to watch how not a single person throughout the day had the "wow, that's weird to have a camera in my face" type reaction.

Who would actually want an iPhone wedding video? We believe quite a few people will. We feel this is a great option for couples who are not interested in having a high end wedding video created, but are looking for a very simple solution for their wedding highlight video.

What made the video below possible was the work of two great film students, Benjamin David and Michael McDonald. In addition, Michael is responsible for the professional editing of all the iPhone footage.

Enjoy the wedding film below and if you would like to learn more about iPhone video for your wedding or business, be sure to contact us! 

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