Wedding Savings Guide | Pay for Photography with Money You Save

We have mentioned over the past few weeks that we are putting together a Wedding Savings Guide that will help couples save money on their wedding day. My wife has been instrumental in editing my ramblings and making something coherent out of all the chaos that exists in my writing. I wanted to share just a short part of the introduction with the readers on our blog and if you would like to early access to the guide, be sure to sign up below and become part of our mailing list! Enjoy the introduction and their are so many great ideas coming soon!

I am not Dutch, but my wife sure is. Famous for sniffing out a good deal, she comes from a long line of deal connoisseurs.  Designer clothing on a discount, she’ll find it. Need that perfect tie, but don’t want to drop $100 at the store? She can find it on Amazon. We love saving money. If you are reading this, you do too. Naturally, this desire will carry into your wedding planning. But the question that looms is how do you do it?

Financial literacy, when it comes to weddings is not a natural born trait. It is a skill that must be taught. Imagine this equation:

1 Bride + 1 Groom + 2 Different Financial Backgrounds + 2 Different Styles + 2 Different Wedding Pictures


A Million Different Priorities & STRESS

So where do we begin? Together let’s save $$! To the tune of $2,500! Imagine using those savings to pay for your photography! Amazing wedding photography for FREE would be the ultimate deal according to my wife!

This guide will help you:

1)       Establish your wedding budget 2)       Identify your wedding priorities 3)       Use industry techniques to get the most value for the dollars you invest 4)       Open the lines of communication about finances and your wedding day


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