Save Money on Your Reception Decorations | Wedding Savings Guide

Just last week we published our first e-book called the Wedding Savings Guide. It's a compilation of suggestions on how to budget, prioritize an save money on your wedding day. It's currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD, so be sure to head over and enjoy all the money saving ideas that we put together from 19 different vendors! 

To highlight just one great section, I thought I would turn your attention to Reception Decorations and a little help from Valerie and Jamie at RSVP Events in Grand RapidsRSVP Events is a unique event consulting company in West Michigan that offers a variety of services to ensure ease and success for each and every clients’ event. They offer services that range from coordination, event design and rental, linens and chair covers and much, much more! They do a fantastic job and helped us by providing some great material for our future brides!

If you haven't already picked up your copy, head over to the Wedding Savings Guide and download your own copy today!

Reception Decorations

Online Budget Calculation Average: 4.75% of Total Budget


Spend Up Ideas:

Table linens, centerpieces, chair covers, flowers for your reception, oh my! This is an area where the creative mind runs wild.

From specialty table linens, to specialty vases to up-lighting around the reception space, the possibilities are endless.

Ask a professional to help you accomplish your vision.

Budget Possibilities: $5,000+

Spend Down Ideas:

There are many ways to save in this category. Consider some of the following:

Using specialty table linens? Check your prices! (Average is $50 to $60 per table). Consider using these only on the head table and the cake table (where photos will be taken) and exchange the others for basic linens ($10 to $20 per table). Or alternate specialty and basic in any combo.

Using specialty lighting? (Which is pricey, but has a fantastic visual effect.) Ask your DJ to throw it in. If a DJ is already bringing lights, they may be willing to throw up-lighting in for a few hundred dollars, rather than paying a setup crew $750 in labor.

Want large “magazine style” centerpieces? Expect to pay $150 to $250 per table! Consider doing every 4th table with a premium centerpiece and the other 3 with simple candles. You will achieve the same sense of elegance and ambiance at a fraction of the cost. 

Budget Possibilities: $500

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