Inspiring Others | The Power of Story

Many things from the world of "creative" minds these days are at best boring to their intended audience. However a few weeks ago, my wife came across a series of ads that Duracell has put together that is nothing less than inspiring. I have included one of my favorites below for you to enjoy.

The first is the story of Derrick Coleman, a Seattle Seahawk who will be competing for the NFL Championship this weekend. He also happens to be deaf. Throughout the video, he speaks to the fact that he was told throughout his lifetime he would never make it, that it wasn't possible and that it could never happen.

Obviously they were all wrong.

I believe there is something inside all of us that is just waiting to come out and achieve greatness. The question is, are you willing to go through the pain, sacrifice and process that other champions have gone through?

Many say they will.

Very few will complete the journey.

As photographers we have gone through many hours and many days of taking what we would call "less than stellar" (aka bad) photographs. We have put in the time to learn what to do in the situations we face on a regular basis. We can now create images that are consistently creative over and over again.

At the same time we are looking to push our creative limits. We want to look outside the box for new avenues and outlets that create more inspiring images for our clients and customers.

That is our commitment to those of you reading this post: we commit to continue pushing ourselves the same way professional athletes like Derrick Coleman push themselves.

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