Chrismas Cards, Paper & More | 6.25 Paper Studio

When we moved downtown, we realized our shopping patterns would change. One of the most frequent questions we get is "where do you buy groceries at?"  To be honest, our shopping habits for food haven't changed much (Trader Joe's, Costco & Meijer), but our shopping habits for gifts and other items have changed quite a bit. Recently I heard supporting local businesses described as "create an economic island for your community and then help that island flourish and grow."

After hearing that description, I realized prior to moving downtown I did not have a good way to describe how I like to shop. However, after hearing that description, I realized that's what we've always tried shopping in Grand Rapids.

Now that we are downtown, our island has changed significantly.

One of the first places we discovered is a boutique store called 6.25 Paper Studio. It's owned by Abbey Fowler and operated by her wonderful staff. Her company began in 2008 when after attending a stationary trade show, she fell in love with all things paper and began by designing wedding invitations. Her background in design and photography helped get her company going and since 2011 has been able to double the size of her company and now has a wonderful retail location right on Monroe Center in downtown Grand Rapids.

The reason for all this background is to tell you about one of the best options for Christmas Cards I've seen yet either from a local or online vendor.

Yes, her card options are better than what you will find online! 

Her card prices start around $1.35 per card (for 100) and that includes the envelope as well! I know Meijer and Costco offer 'photo cards' in their stores and online, but they are less than fantastic quality and design. In addition, you're supporting a local business, who uses local businesses to print cards and deliver them back to you.

Not only do you get a great price on card printing, but each and every card that she prints also includes CUSTOM DESIGN, which is pretty much unheard of in the printing world.

If you're interested in more details about cards, simple contact Abbey via email (hello(a) to let her know you're interested in card design and printing.

From there she will ask you for a photo (or two), your card size preference and if you have any language you'd specifically like on the card. From there she creates several custom designs for you to choose from.

Once you've approved a design and the cards are paid for, they will be printed and sent directly to you!

It's such a simple process, I can't wait to have our cards done by Abbey this year!