Artwork in a Tiny Space

When you are in a tiny space, how do you go about deciding on artwork for your walls? We thought it would be wise to take the hallway we have (about 9 feet long) and utilize the space to put up something fairly large. Since July, our biggest inspiration has been the phrase "Geronimo!", the phrase made famous by the 82nd Airborne as they learned to jump out of airplanes ahead of their main mission, jumping behind enemy lines the night prior to the D-Day invasion.

Though we had tried selling our home previously, though we had tried moving downtown previously, it wasn't until a July event where "Geronimo!" was the theme, that Rebecca and I looked at one another and said, "Let's sell the house! Geronimo!". Just a few weeks later, our home had an offer on in and within 60 days we were living in our new tiny space at The Morton.

The lettering is about 5 feet wide and at eye level for everyone to see as they enter our apartment.

geronimo icon-sign-1

The wonderful staff at Icon Sign on the west side of Grand Rapids printed the lettering for us and installed it in our home in about 20 minutes. They asked if I wanted to install it or if someone should come out to put it up. Let's just say had I tried to install the lettering, it would have been a disaster.


And just for a little Wednesday inspiration that goes along with Geronimo!, enjoy a little music from Shepard: