Jaguar Car Launch | Grand Rapids Event Photography


What do you do when you have a new product coming out? 

Host a party for your friends and ask them to invite their friends of course!

And that is exactly what The Sharpe Collection did! They hosted a party to unveil the new E-PACE SUV, the compact performance SUV. 

Consider the benefits of hosting an in-person event like this for a product launch:

  • You invite past customers out to see the latest product
  • You encourage past customers to bring their friends and family
  • You shake hands with everyone and have "face to face time"
  • People who are excited about your brand get to "experience" the new product before anyone else

Dozens of people were able to jump in the drivers seat of the new Jaguar E-PACE and feel for themselves what a compact performance SUV feels like. 

In addition, they shook hands with General Manager George Sharpe, Jr. and ask questions about the new product on their dealership floor.

Are you hosting an event or product launch in the next month or year? 

Have you considered how photography can help tell the story of your new product or program?

The Sharpe Collection understands that custom photography from a launch event gives them another way to connect with customers during the event.

Having a photographer on your team during a product roll out becomes a great way to not only  document the excitement of the latest product launch, it's also a way for the sales team to follow up in the weeks that follow. 

If you're in need of event photography, be sure to contact us and see how our photo services can help you capture your launch AND extend the reach of your photos beyond the end of the night.

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