Head Shot Studio For Conferences | Grand Rapids Portrait Photography


We believe the head shot you display online is as significant as your handshake. You want a head shot you can be proud to display to the world. 

Perhaps you are hosting 250, 500, 1000, 3000+ people at your event or convention in Grand Rapids.

Perhaps your holding a 3 hour event. Maybe it’s a 3 day event.

Whatever the situation is, you are hoping to make a lasting impression on the people that attend. You want attendees to have a memorable experience.

What is one thing your attendees all need? New photos for their online profiles.

Imagine you can connect with attendees while at your event AND connect with them one on one AFTER the event by delivering a new portrait they will love?!?

That is what having the "Head Shot Studio" at your event will do.


How does it work? 

  1. We help you choose the amount of time you need Head Shot Studio for
  2. We bring backdrop(s), photographer(s), hair and makeup artist
  3. Attendees have their portrait taken anytime we are at your event for NO CHARGE
  4. Our artist provides touch ups for hair and makeup (everyone wants to look their best)
  5. Our photographer helps your attendee look and feel confident during their session
  6. We provide digital touch ups of the best image for each person
  7. We provide high resolution images of each attendee that you can send to them directly
  8. Attendees love their new portrait, post it online and tell everyone they know about how great an experience it was

Our goal with Head Shot Studio is to provide you with a simple process for new portraits all while creating a hassle free experience for both attendees and your team. 

Interested in having Head Shot Studio at your event or convention?

We make it easy to provide your attendees a portrait of confidence they can share with their professional circles and beyond. 

The first step is to send over the what, when and where of your event (and yes we travel as well). 

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