Business + Convention Photography in Grand Rapids | Behind the Scenes


You're hosting an event. Perhaps it's just an evening event. Perhaps it's a multi-day event.

You've been thinking, "I wonder if I should have someone take photos or video during the event..." but you're not sure what that would actually look like or how it would turn out (let's be honest, you can just take some photos with your iPhone, right?).

You're curious but need more information about what it's like working with a photo and video team.

Having photographed hundreds of events and worked with organizations from across the country, we wanted to make it simple for you to see what it would be like to work with us.

Why is having photo and video of your event so important?

During (and after) you're serving 4 distinct groups of people with the experience you're creating (and having photographed and filmed):


Attendees want something to share with the world about the event they've enjoyed. Yes, they will take photos with their phone, that’s a given. But what if you asked, "How can I give attendees great content that they will want to share?" They are ready to share their insights, you're providing them the visuals. 



Sponsors want to see what the event was like (and if it’s worth it for them to recommit to next year). What if you asked the question, "Can I create custom content for sponsors they can share with their own audiences once the event is over?" Make it simple for them to talk about the event they sponsored. 


Future Attendees and Sponsors

Next years attendees and sponsors should also be considered. If you had 500 attendees this year and your event was great, creating a “buzz” as being one of the “you can’t miss the next one…” type events means attendance and sponsorship goes up for the following year. (Imagine increasing attendance and sponsorship by 10% year over year)

Traditional Media Outlets

Following the event, some of your award winners may want to send out a press release to their local market. Some may want to update their Linkedin profile with details of their award. Some of your presenters may be looking for more opportunities to speak and will use the images you provide.

Imagine for a second just a handful of your attendees and speakers use the images and video you provide. How excited do you think they will be for next years event? 

This is a way to create raving fans of your event and organization. 

The ACG Great Lakes Capital Connection was hosted by ACG Western Michigan. It was a tremendous success, breaking records for attendance and sponsorship.

From keynote speakers like Michigan State University Basketball Coach Tom Izzo, Amway CEO Doug DeVos and Wolverine World Wide CEO Blake Krueger to award presentations and panels, this 2 day convention had something for every attendee. 

The gallery below is just a small sample of what attendees experienced. 

In need of photography for your upcoming business convention or event? Be sure to contact us so we can find out how we can best serve you and your event.

That being said, most businesses and organizations coming into the area will have a need for photography and video services.

We love working with event planners and organizers who are willing to try new things in order to make their event better for their attendees. 

If you're in need of event photography, be sure to contact us and see how our photo services can help you capture the event you're planning AND extend the reach of your photos beyond the end of your conference. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.