What Can Be Done With 1 Hour Of Photo Time? | Marketing and Website Photos

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So you’re a business with an online presence. You have a website. You have social media channels. And you say want to show the world what you.

Can 1 hour of photo time help you expand your online presence?

We know it can! As we help you look confident and feel comfortable in front of the camera, a new collection of images might be just what your business needs.

Recently we worked with the team at 1 Bold Step, a marketing strategy and operations company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Adam and Jennifer are the main faces of the company and they had specific goals for our 1 hour of time together. Prior to our session, they communicated they were looking for:

1) Headshots for both Jennifer and Adam
2) Adam and Jennifer together (team photo)
3) Adam and Jennifer “white boarding” together (as many of their ideas are best expressed drawn out)
4) Adam and Jennifer showing the 'process' they go through (sticky notes, etc)

In under 60 minutes we were able to create a collection of images they will be able to use on their website, marketing materials and social media channels.

Creating a new library of images doesn’t have to be an extremely complex and involved process.

Our job is to listen to the needs you believe you have and make recommendations of what type of shoot will best provide solutions for your needs.

If you’d like to discuss creating a new library of images for your business, we would love to hear from you.

Headshots and Team Photos

Process and White Boarding Images

Details of Their Marketing Process

Are you thinking you might be in need of new portraits and photos for your business? Perhaps just a single hour is what you’re in need of.

If you answered YES, the next step is simple: reach out and let us know.

We never want to sell you a solution that does not fit your needs. We will discuss what you’re looking for and determine the most effective way to meet those needs.

We Have Been Helping Clients For 15+ Years. We Seek To Bring Value And That’s Why They Have Us Back Year After Year. Perhaps It’s Time For Your Organization To Experience The Same.

We Are Here To Make You Look Great And Help You Be More Successful. If You're In Need Of A Photographer You Can Trust To Make You Look And Feel Confident, We Would Love To Connect With You.