What Kind of Story Inspires You?

Maybe it's the story of the 20 car pileup? Or perhaps the reuniting of an Armed Services member with their family at the airport?

There are so many stories to tell on a daily basis, we can't possibly capture them all. However, these are two recent stories have pulled at our heart strings and we felt they were worth sharing.

These two stories will hopefully give you a glimpse into the hearts and minds of Rebecca and myself as photographers. We long to serve as storytellers. It's something we've done since college and continue to do for families and organizations around the area. 

Did You See the 20 Car Pileup?

In 1999, my father in law, Fred, was returning from a visit to his sister's place in Lake Odessa along I-96 near Lowell, Michigan. All of a sudden he hit whiteout conditions along the highway. Even though he slowed down, an accident in front of him meant he ran right into cars along the highway. Following his collision, over 15 cars behind him continued the pileup along the highway.

Fred was pinned in his car with what he figured was a broken leg, if not additional injuries. 

Emergency crews arrived at the scene but it would take the "Jaws of Life" and several firefighters to get him out of the car. He was exposed to the elements for over 4 hours until he could be freed from the wreckage.

His wife, Deb and my wife, Rebecca were both at work in the late afternoon. They were given a message saying, "Get to the hospital. Fred's been in an accident." They were not given additional details until they reached the hospital.

Fred had emergency surgery and a titanium rod inserted into his leg. His leg bones eventually fused around the rod and he did heal.

The reason I share this story with you is because a Grand Rapids press photographer made it to the scene that day and Fred's car was front and center of the Grand Rapids Press the following day.

To this day, Fred and Deb have this photo hanging in their home as a reminder of what happened and how blessed Fred is to still be alive. I am thankful the photographer was there, midst the chaos, to capture a watershed moment in Fred's life.


The Family Reunion

In the same way, this past weekend, there was a watershed moment in the Climie household as well. Rebecca's best friend, Cana, returned from a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan. Obviously we wanted to be there to see her as she returned to see friends and family and little did we know the emotional impact it would have on my wife.

As we eagerly awaited Cana's return, I realized how great it was to have a camera in my hand to document such a wonderful day, not only for us, but for her. With sisters, nieces and nephews lining up, she was excited to see everyone.

However, it was her dad, a former US Marine and Vietnam veteran who was the most emotional, hugging his daughter in a way that said, "I am so proud of you and what you've done, yet thankful that you're home safe and sound." 







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