What Are You Trying to Master? | Here Is Our Answer

Recently I read a blog article about "firsts", being the first to do this, the first to do that, etc. The one thing that stood out was a comment not about "firsts", but about "mastery". While it's great that many people run from trend to trend, being the first do do this or that, what about those who master something. In the long run, they are the ones who last in the business world. They are usually toiling away for years and years when what they're doing is not popular or trendy, but they master their craft for the moment when what they do is needed. Then their long hours become worth it. It's called the 10,000 hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell. That brings me to our photo business. After reading the article, I felt lead to write something about what we seek to master as a business, that way you will know what you can expect from us. We seek mastery of emotionally charged images that will stand the test of time. In addition, we seek to master the process and experience our clients receive. Long after the photos are put away, people will still remember the FEELING of having spent time with us. We constantly are asking the question, "what will they remember?" and "will it be good or bad?".


After realizing we are mastering our craft, we've stopped looking at almost every other photographer, photo blog, photo trend, etc. You could almost say we've stopped watching what the photo industry because it's so finicky and transitional, almost like a schizophrenic patient at times.


(If you'd like a list of books we recommend, feel free to email us)

We study what we know works in business. We read business books. We apply what we learn to master the experience our clients receive. We are photographing couples and marriages. We read marriage books, not only for our marriage, but to be an example of what a couple, madly in love looks like. We seek advice from those in business and life that we respect and wish to emulate our lives after. We listen (as best we can) and apply (as best we can) what they teach through their example and words.

We seek to master both the art and science of beautiful images and the experience our clients receive. Over time, the importance of great photos will diminish, but the memories created through that photo experience is what people remember for a lifetime. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.