Western Family Picture Ideas | Creative Family Portraits

Have you ever wanted to put together a creative family portrait session? Maybe something with a theme, like a picnic theme or maybe even a western theme? Well, my wife is a super creative person and put a session together exactly like that for our own family. Her creativity came out as she was able to plan a photo shoot with 8 adults and 7 kids, all decked out in cowboy and western outfits. It was all part of a larger idea for her dad's 70th birthday party in early November. Her dad loves old western movies so as the planning for the day took place, she thought, why don't we put together a "western" or "Roy Rogers" type photo shoot. We had our great friend Jill Bergeron come out to the location we had secured for the event early to get set up. We then surprised her father, Fred and the entire family showed up to the house dressed in their western themed outfits.

With props picked out and the camera ready to go, we were able to grab photos of not only the entire family, but also individuals of each family member as well! As I looked through these photos I was brought to tears because I realized that with in-laws getting older, photos like these will be with us forever. Moments like these cannot be repeated or duplicated.

All this being said, if you've ever thought about a themed photo session or something more creative than a simple family session, be sure to contact us and let us know what you're thinking. We would love to collaborate with you and help you bring your vision to reality!

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