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My world has always been full of photos. My mom, since we were little, always had a camera in her hands. It's crazy to me how I ended up being a photographer. The problem has always been those one or two awkward family photos that she loves to hang around their home.

Do you have those as well?

The funniest memory of family photos with my mom was when she told us we were going to Olin Mills for our pictures, but since she knew we would whine and complain about it, she followed it up with "But you guys can wear whatever you want!"  Somehow we felt like that was enough of a compromise to go quietly.

Sidebar for a moment. Now that we are photographers, I am terrified by the thought of our our clients saying this to their kids one hour before photos

Back to our story. The photo we created was one that included two Detroit Tiger uniforms and one tie and white sweater. In fact, we created the photo below.

As a surprise for my parents this year, we thought we'd have some fun RE-CREATING the image from so many years ago. We found the Tigers shirts and even managed to find a similar white sweater (many thanks to my father-in-law who just happened to have one in his closet).

Side by side, here is what we gave them as 8x10s this Christmas.


Many thanks go to my brothers who were willing to take the time and replicate the amazingly awkward family photo. In addition, many thanks to my wife who so graciously dealt with the three of us for a photo shoot.

After having done this session, I can only imagine the pain we put a few photographers through in our time as kids.

In addition to this photo, we thought we'd have some fun and take it one step further, showing off some of the things we now do as adults that we didn't do at the time the original photo was taken.

Here are the results with us shaving, drinking coffee and using deodorant! :-)

awkward family photo outtakes

As we made our way through this gift for my parents, we realized there maybe some other people out there with funny photos from their childhood as well.

If you've ever thought about RE-CREATING those images and giving them to your parents or friends as a gift, we would be more than happy to accommodate your photo needs.

This was such a blast to do and hopefully you'll get a good laugh out of it!

PS - Do you have any awkward family photos on Facebook or somewhere else on the net? If you do, leave a comment below as to where we can find them! 

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