Palm Beach + Atlanta Adventure | Swimming With Gentle Giants at Georgia Aquarium

The second half of our travel adventure took us to Palm Beach and Atlanta to spend time with our great friends Bryan and Hannah, along with checking off another bucket list item for Rebecca in Atlanta. We scheduled a 23 hour layover in our flight schedule to stop in Ft. Lauderdale to spend time with our college friend Bryan and his wife Hannah who were married in October 2012. One of the bad parts of being photographers is sometimes when your friends schedule their weddings, we are already booked for the date. Regardless though, it was great to see them settled into their home in West Palm Beach, share a few great meals together and talk about what's happening in each other's lives.

They took us on a short tour of downtown Palm Beach which included stops at the beach and Worth Ave, Palm Beach's version of Rodeo Drive. They love West Palm because of it's family friendly nature and I can see them staying in the area a long time. We truly appreciate them as friends and as a couple.

Following our short stint in Palm Beach, it was off to Atlanta where we checked off another of Rebecca's bucket list items, swimming with sharks. The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world and the only place that has 4 whale sharks in captivity. We were able to experience the aquarium, get a behind the scenes tour and then suit up for an hour dive in a tank the size of two football fields.

The experience was one that we will never forget and I am so thankful that my wife has a crazy obsession with sharks, otherwise I would have never gotten in the water. But since she never had any desire to jump out of a plane (and I did), I figured I owed her one for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 10,000 feet.

Following our swim with the Gentle Giants we took some time to explore the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta and thanks to a local Atlanta police officer, we had the best meal of our lives at Pitty Pat's Porch. Named after Scarlett's "Aunt Pitty Pat" from Gone With The Wind, this place serves "soul food". Sweet potato and raisin muffins, homemade corn bread and slow roasted ribs that no Yankee will ever duplicate were all on the menu at Pitty Pat's. It's a must try for anyone stopping in Atlanta!

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