Final Service Before Renovation at Calvary Church | Panoramic Photography in Grand Rapids

Calvary Church in Grand Rapids is currently undergoing a large construction project on their campus. The construction project includes a renovation of the main sanctuary which means through the end of the year, Calvary will be worshiping at Calvin College's Van Noord Arena. The staff at Calvary contacted me about taking one last "family photo" of the Sunday morning congregation. This meant creating a panoramic photo of the Grand Rapids church as a memento as the new sanctuary will no longer have the balcony area and the pews will not be incorporated into the design.

This past Sunday, I was able to take panoramic photos during the first part of each service for the church and what turned out was a great image of Calvary Church in April 2016.

I hope these images show the diversity of folks that come to Calvary and tell the story of where Calvary has been in the past, but also where Calvary is going in the future.

Below you will see each service and you can move the image left and right, zoom in and out and make the image full screen to get a better look at Calvary's congregation from last Sunday.

Feel free to use the "sharing" buttons on the side of the page to share the interactive panoramic photos with your friends and family and show them what Calvary Church looked like before the construction of the sanctuary began.

1st Service - 8:10am

2nd Service - 9:40am

3rd Service - 11:15am

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