Is It Time To Update Your Staff Portraits? | Grand Rapids Business Photographer

What can you do to introduce the faces behind a great business? How about new team and staff photos?

Perhaps your next thought is one of the following:

  1. A team photo would be too much hassle...
  2. No one likes to get their photo taken...
  3. Are team photos really necessary?

If those are concerns you can relate to, let me encourage you to keep reading. 


Just look at this team right here. WCSG had a need of a photographer in late 2017 and since then we've been working together on different projects. During one of our meetings, the need for new team and individual photos came up. We worked through the details of what they needed, picked a date, time and location and were able to create a collection of team (and invididual) photos that show off the team "behind the mic". 

A professional portrait is like a handshake. A smiling and engaging profile picture is the way many people greet one another. It can (and will) make a great impression.

Or you can leave it to the intern who happens to have a great camera on their cell phone and hope for the best (they probably won't capture the best version of your team).

If you think a team photo would be too much hassle, the first thing you should do is connect with us.

We will make the process easy as we talk through what you do (and don't) need when it comes to new photos of your team. We can suggest locations if your office isn't the best solution (though many times it is). 


If you're worried that no one on your team likes their photo taken, we will make sure your team feels confident not only during the photo shoot, but with the final photos as well. 

If you're wondering if team photos are really even necessary, THE ANSWER IS YES.

Whether your organization is large or small, confident and approachable photos of the people that move your business forward are important.

For WCSG, they wanted to share with their audience the team of people listeners tune in for on a daily basis.


    Perhaps your audience needs to see more of the human side of your business? Perhaps your audience needs to know more about how your team works together to serve them? 

    Team and individual photos can say a lot about your business, when done in the right way. Get it wrong and you can look like an amateur operation. Get it right and you can exude confidence.

    We are here to make you look great and help you be more successful. If you're in need of a photographer you can trust to take care of your needs, we would love to connect with you.