Arm Yourself With Photo and Video | How 3Gen Perspectives Did It Right

In today's world your business is a media company. No matter what you sell, distribute or make, you must become a media maverick.

Starbucks may be a coffee company, but when employees treat customers badly, Starbucks becomes a media company. Southwest may be an airline, but when an accident occurs they become a media company making sure long term customers do not go to the competition. 

So what does this mean for you? 

It means you need to arm yourself (and your company) with photos, videos and messaging that helps increase your influence in the marketplace.

A new workshop, 3Gen Perspectives, understood this idea and their example shows how one business armed themselves with high impact photo and video. 

3Gen Perspectives is a collaboration of power players who are experts in the areas of multi-generational family dynamics, family enterprise and family philanthropy. The workshop is for trusted advisors to connect more deeply with their clients. The workshop teaches how an individual's core values affect (and effect) their family, business and philanthropy. 

The name comes from the different perspectives offered by the leaders of the project: Colleen Mitchell of VENTURE3Philanthropy, the "Baby Boomer", Ellie Frey Zagel of Successful Generations, the "Gen X" and Paige Cornetet of Millennial Guru, the "Millennial".

These three business owners created the workshop based around the three pillars of "Family Business, Family Values and Family Philanthropy".

We were hired to capture both photo and video of the event with the specific intent of creating a library of images and a video to market the workshop. In just a few hours we were able to provide posed photos, candid photos, individual portraits and a 90 second video sharing the idea and purpose of the 3Gen Perspective workshop. 

3Gen Perspectives is starting with their best foot forward. 

For not very much money (less than you probably think), they now have portraits, group photos, candid images and details of their workshop. They also have a 90 second video that introduces all three of the presenters for the workshop.

The next step is to take the media assets we've created and use them to find new customers for their workshop. 

If you're in a position where you don't have a library of photos your company can pull from or videos to point customers to, we would love to find out if we can help. 

We Are Here To Make You Look Great And Help You Be More Successful. If You're In Need Of A Photographer You Can Trust To Make You Look and Feel Confident, We Would Love To Connect With You.