Block Imaging Staff Photos | Photography for Business

As a Grand Rapids photographer, we have the chance to work with many different people and industries. One of the industries that is booming in the local market is the medical industry. One of the companies leading the charge is a family owned and operated company called Block Imaging. They are headquartered in the Lansing, Michigan area, but have staff and accounts around the world. I received an email from their marketing department asking if we were interested in photographing staff portraits over the course of a single day. Obviously we were interested in learning more about what they wanted and needed as an organization. What that meant for us was beginning the process of asking what kinds of photos did they need, where would they be used, how would they be used, etc?

We arranged the day for photography, invested time at multiple locations around the Lansing area and were able to photograph their staff in their environment, keeping the traditional disruption of staff photos to a minimum.

Below you will see a large grouping of images from the session, which went great. However, the reason I share Block Imaging's story is because of the feedback they've been getting from THEIR clients. Photos like the ones below are done in a way that appeals to Block Imaging's target audience.

Here is an email I received from their marketing department just yesterday:

“We have had positive feedback from various industries that research online websites all the time, and they have shared with us that the photos communicate an authentic, friendly feel that welcomes our visitors and allows them to feel like they are getting to know a real person!  Russ and Rebecca did a great job in listening to what we wanted to accomplish and then making it happen!”

Feedback like this is exactly what we love hearing! Many thanks to Block Imaging for trusting us with your company's appearance and image to your clients.


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