Decorate Your Office Walls | Chase Creative Audio Visual Design


As I was walking out the door of Chase Creative in Grand Rapids, the sales director said, "As you can see, we just repainted the walls in the office and we're trying to figure out what we should put up..." 

It was a sort of throw away comment that is said regarding projects that "should" be done but keep getting pushed back (I'm sure you have projects like this in your company as well...)

My response was, "You probably have some solid photos of events you've staged and provided support for, why not print large canvases and hang them around the office?" 

The sales director liked the idea but was concerned about the process and price. 

My response was, "I will make it easy for you. It's what I do. I can help choose and edit the photos your team has taken at your biggest shows. My printer has better pricing than almost anything you'll find on the consumer level. If you'd like to print a large number, I'm happy to provide a discount for you..." 

Chase Creative sent over 50+ images they considered "print worthy". 

I helped walk them through which images would make the strongest portfolio for their walls and after a couple rounds of revisions, I edited and proofed the images. 

They chose to print 20x30 canvas prints. Their collection ended up with 22 final images.

Prints were ordered and arrived in less than 10 days and when they did, I went to their office to help them determine where prints should specifically go. 

The team ended up hanging 20 images in their Grand Rapids office (with one going to Lansing and one going to Detroit) and the 20x30 canvas wraps show off the amazing work they do as an audio visual staging company. 

Do you have walls that should be filled with great prints but remain empty? If so, connect with me and we can make your life easy by helping you walk through the process of choosing, editing and printing images.

Our goal is to make sure our clients experience greater success while also making their lives easy. If you have a photo project that requires photography expertise, please reach out, we'd love to work with you!