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Have you ever considered updating the photos for your company? Perhaps you have new staff that has just come on board. Perhaps you've just built a new addition onto your facility. Many times I am asked the question, "How much can you photograph in 1 hour of time at our office? "  I hope  this post will help answer that question for you in both principle and specifics.  I will use one of our current clients, Leadership West Michigan as a case study for what is possible with just one hour of photography on location.

First of all, Leadership West Michigan does its homework. They know their objective is to have participants in their program have a portrait taken and then be a part of a group photo. This year there are 21 participants in their program. That means 21 portraits and 1 group photo during the hour.

As we arrived this year, the weather was not cooperative. In past years we have gone outside for both the individual and group portraits. This year it meant resetting the main room they were using once participants had stepped out for lunch.

We quickly reset the room, chose a location for group portrait and then chose a spot for individual portraits that would not require much of a reset in lighting when it came time for the larger group portrait.

After about 15 minutes of setup and light testing we were ready to begin photographing individual portraits. Those who finished lunch first were directed by a staff member to make their way upstairs for their portrait.

A list of participants was supplied by Leadership West Michigan so we could make sure everyone was photographed who was part of the program. Each participant made their way into the setup, was instructed how to stand and pose naturally, photographed and then asked to move to another part of the room where we would setup the group shot momentarily.

Once the individual portraits were completed, we took just a couple of minutes to move lighting just a few feet around the room. We then had the attendees move toward the chosen spot for the group portrait and began lining them up according to male/female and height.

As Rebecca finished posing the group, I was busy working out the lighting setup and making sure everyone looked great in the image. Once ready, I snapped a few frames, made a few minor lighting adjustments and was able to grab 8-10 images of the group that you see below. This allows us to choose the best and make sure all eyes are open for the photo. We then broke down our lighting setup and reset the room.

All of this took just over 60 minutes from the time we arrived and walked in the door.

So the next time you're wondering what can be done with a single hour of photography and a little planning on the front end, just remember the images below were created in less than 1 hour.

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