Business Portraits In Your Office | West Michigan Partnership for Children


Why do people not have an updated professional portrait?

In my opinion, having a great business portrait is the equivalent of having a great handshake and smile. If you have a bad handshake, what does that say to someone you meet for the first time?

The same goes for your business portrait.

Based on my time in the business community, NOT having a new portrait is blamed on one of three things: 

1) They don't know who to call or talk to about a new portrait

2) They don't like the hassle of having to go somewhere to have a portrait taken

3) They don't like their photograph taken

If one of those reasons rang true in your mind, then rest assured, you've come to the right place. We are here to help solve all three for you, just like we did for West Michigan Partnership for Children, a new organization piloting an innovative foster care model to create better futures for children.

I was contacted by the COO who was inquiring about portraits for the team. This solved problem #1, not knowing who to call. The COO and I had previously worked together when I took her portrait in 2016 at an event. She and I had worked together in the past and that is how the project began - with a previous relationship.

(In case you were wondering, we may not have met face to face, but if you're reading this, you now have someone you can reach out to and contact about business portraits. Just letting you know)


Problem number #2 is most people don't want to take the time to bring outfits with them to work, leave at a specific time, drive to a studio, have their portrait taken in an uncomfortable environment, drive back to the office, etc. All of that takes time away from what you're supposed to be doing during the day. 

To solve problem #2 we come directly to your office. With WMPC I arrived at their office, setup everything that was needed for portraits and in 20 minutes was ready to go. The staff simply had to leave their desk for 10 minutes, have a portrait taken and head back to work. On average, I plan on 4 to 6 portraits in a single hour of photo time. 


Problem #3, not liking how you look when you're photographed is something I hear all the time. 

My response? 

"If you haven't liked your photos in the past it's because you haven't hired a good photographer..." 

I believe a photographer's job is not limited to setting up lighting gear and taking a picture, it's my job to help you have confidence in front of the camera and walk away feeling better about yourself. 

Confidence is what looks great on camera. Not clothing, not hair, not makeup (though that does certainly help), but in the end, your confidence in during a photo shoot is what makes (or breaks) the image.

My job is to help you feel comfortable, give you confidence as you sit for your portrait and help you enjoy the experience. That way, when you see your finished portrait, it brings up positive memories (and not negative ones). 


In the end, not only were we able to create portraits for the staff, we even had time for a group photo (one they could be proud of).

The photos have since been used on the "About Us" page of their website and for press releases announcing the opening of the new organization

If you're in need of new portraits for your business, whether you have a staff of 3 or 300, we are able to accommodate your business portrait needs. Be sure to reach out to us about your photo needs.

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