How Professional Photographers Capture the Best Business Photos

Business Photographers in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Photography is one of the most popular forms of art, as we see it everywhere, from social media to magazines. It’s extremely enjoyable to get lost in a quality photo. We often use photos in our own lives, such as our profile photos, family photos, and even photos represent our business. It is easy to admire a stunning photo, but sometimes the work that goes into making it goes unnoticed.

If you are planning a business photo session, you may be wondering what process goes into creating wonderful images. You do a lot on your own end to ensure that your photos look incredible, as you are a stunning human being! You have picked out the most appealing clothing, taken proper steps to ensure that you look healthy and presentable. You may have even searched for pose inspiration and practiced that charming smile in the mirror. But, the process doesn’t just stop with you in front of the camera!

Here at Tiberius Images, as a Grand Rapids business photographer, we believe that knowledge is power! That’s why we have put together a few points of knowledge to assist you with knowing how professional photographers go about capturing business photos. If you would like to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Best Lighting. Lighting is a crucial part to your photos, and can make or break a picture. Your photographer will work with the light, finding the perfect spots to avoid washing you out, as well as finding an adequate light source to capture clear and bright photos. There is much to say about what good lighting will do for your photos. However, to keep it simple, there are a few key points to consider when your photographer is taking your photo. Your photographer will use a source of light that is perfect for you, from natural to strobes to fashion lighting, all sources of light are different and they are used to achieve a certain look.

  • Proper Composition. When you view a photo, surely you don’t want to be stuck guessing what the focus is. Is it the girl off to the right with the balloon? Is it the railroad tracks? Is it the little kid in the wagon? When having your business photos captured, you will want to be the focus! Your photographer will work to create the perfect composition within your photos. So, they will ensure all eyes fall upon you first, just as they should! Your audience will immediately know that you are the focus, before slowly taking in all of the other details. Sometimes, your photographer will alternate focus between people, or objects, depending on the goal that they want to achieve, or depending on the look they are going for.

  • Genuine Expressions. When we watch a movie, one of the most important parts of enjoying it is for it to be believable. We often search for genuine feelings and expressions. This is also true for business photography! When genuine emotions are expressed within the photos, it is easier for the audience to relate to the picture. Whether you are sad and tell your story with your eyes, or happy and show it with a charming smile and a flush in your cheeks, your audience will relate to your photos if you are genuine with your expressions.

Every business professional should have wonderful photos that highlight them and their brand! These are just a few ways in which professional photographers go about capturing business photos.

If you are ready to have your own images captured by a business photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, please contact us here at Tiberius Images! We believe that every professional should have stunning photos of their brand, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that you do!