How to Book A Hawaiian Honeymoon For Almost Free (or any other destination)

Over the past year we have learned about a new way to travel and one that will hopefully help you have an amazing honeymoon experience.

Why not use airline points and miles to pay for some of (if not all of your trip)? 

We were introduced to Bryce Conway of 10xTravel. 

He has created an entire system around using credit cards to earn large airline or hotel bonuses that can equal a free trip for you and your spouse. 

Just some of the articles he has posted on his site are the following: 

  • $24,000 Honeymoon in London and Paris for $1,200

  • How I Booked a $28,000 Trip to Thailand for $326.42 - Step by Step

  • $10,659 Worth of Airfare (to Bora Bora) for $320

As I began looking into his stories of travel, I was blown away at how simple this entire process really is.

My wife and I were both hit with the travel bug early in our lives.

I had the opportunity in high school to be a Rotary Exchange student and lived in Germany for a full year. During that year I visited 14 countries. 

Then while in college at Michigan State University, Rebecca and I searched for a study abroad program in Spain that would allow us to live together and provided the right credits to finish our degrees (we were already married, yes we know, crazy). 

Since then we have realized many others love traveling as well, but one of two things usually gets in their way. 

Lack of time or lack of money prevent us from traveling.

While planning your honeymoon, most times the first issue, time off of work, can be arranged ahead of time. 

Most couples realize they don't want to get married on Saturday and go back to work the next day (if they don't have to). 

That being said, many couples who have time off for their honeymoon may simply lack money for the exotic honeymoon they've dreamed of. 

This is where our experience and knowledge come to the rescue.

(you can thank us after your trip). 

In the past few years we've traveled to Egypt, Costa Rica, South Africa and many places in the USA and many times we were able to find inexpensive airfare through searching online.


I do want to make a note that for some folks, credit cards are just about the worst thing they could add to their daily financial lives. 

If you fall into this category, stop reading right here. Forget this option even exists, it's better to have a sound financial picture than to rack up $25,000 on credit simply because you want some "free" points.

However, if you see value in this way of taking advantage of the banks, please continue to read. 

There are all kinds of ways to earn points, but at the end of the day, I want to give you a simple introduction to the world of points and then feel free to dive as deep into the pool as you'd like.

Bryce and his team have been very helpful in navigating the world of points and I though I could post article after article that has helped us travel more for less, I won't. 

I'll simply refer you to the 10xTravel website to get started! 

And if you're still not sure if you can get to Hawaii for your honeymoon for free (almost), check out this story about Paul and Taryn's honeymoon in Hawaii (for almost nothing)

(and we know, the photo below is not us, it's Paul & Taryn)

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