Save Time + Money with Groceries Delivered To Your Door | How Doorganics Gives Us More Freedom

One of the questions we're asked most often is "Where do you grocery shop?"

After a few months of living downtown, the solution came to us! 

We met Mike Hughes, owner of Doorganics, several years ago when he first began as a startup in 2011. His company is a locally sourced, grocery service that delivers fresh produce right to your home or office, with no commitments, pay-as-you-go, and custom scheduling and menus. 

After moving downtown, we decided that if we can systematize something and free up more time, we wanted to do it. 

Enter Doorganics fruits, veggies and other groceries delivered to our home. 

We did have some hesitations before starting our subscription. First, "Will the fruits and veggies be good?", second "Will they last as long as store bought produce" and finally, "Is it worth the price for fruits and veggies?"

Let me be the first to tell you the fruits and veggies delivered to our door every other week ARE BETTER than what we could purchase in the store. Flavor, freshness, etc, you name it, the food just tastes better.

We found out that because we are purchasing organic fruits and veggies, the food LASTS LONGER. This means apples don't go bad in a couple of days. Kiwi that is delivered lasts a couple of weeks. 

An additional concern we had was "What if there is bad produce, like an apple or something? What do we do about that?" 

After subscribing to their services for over a year now we have only had 2 pieces of bad anything in our deliveries. Both times we sent off an email to the office about what we found to be wrong (or bad) and they immediately apologized and took corrected the problem.

Great customer service is what you'll get with Doorganics! 

Finally, we realized that our every other week subscription to Doorganics is the best way we could spend our grocery dollars every month. Fresh fruits and veggies have become the base of many of our favorite meals in our home is a great investment of our money.

If we are able to save just 4 hours a month with their delivery service, the time and freedom savings alone is worth the dollars we spend. If you want to eat clean(er) and purchase organic fruits and veggies, DOORGANICS IS THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

We have tried going to the store and purchasing organic (or natural) fruits and veggies in the quantity that is delivered to us every other week and we cannot purchase the same amount of food for what we spend with Doorganics.

It's rather amazing what Mike and his team have done in such a short amount of time with their home delivery model at Doorganics

Now that Doorganics has become a staple of our monthly shopping life, we would like to give you $10 OFF YOUR FIRST DELIVERY.

To claim $10 off your first delivery, simply visit the Doorganics link below and see how fresh produce right to your home or office, with no commitments, pay-as-you-go, and custom scheduling and menus can help you improve your life! 

If you have any specific questions, please let us know, we are here to help!