Live Stream Video

Do you have an upcoming event with a keynote speaker or a panel discussion? 

Do you wish you had away to capture that one specific talk for future use?

Trying to expand the reach of your event?

Video content continues to become more and more important as the barriers to producing great video go away. With the dawn of YouTube Live and Facebook Live, you can now reach not only your local audience, but a global audience.

How can live stream extend
your event's reach?

  • Live stream to engage your audience who cannot directly attend the day of the event
  • Deliver video to attendees as a value-added benefit to the ticket price the following day

Pricing Details

2 Hours for $1699


  • 2 hours of video coverage (plus setup and tear down)
  • 3 cameras
  • Staff to run camera & live stream
  • Stream to Facebook Live or YouTube Live
  • Private access available, but additional cost
  • Light graphics package
Viewed as "other"; a saint, a helpless dependent or a space alien, Lisa Sullivan finds it is time for people with disabilities to speak boldly and clearly, declaring that we are you, and you could be us. I am a long-time resident of Muskegon, a home owner, a college degree holder, an employee, a musician and a person with a disability.
Col. Burks' talk will take you a journey from the impossible to triumph; his journey through life while clinging on to one sentence uttered by his sixth grade teacher over 40 years ago. Words of assurance influenced a child to defeat, and note be defined by, the odds.