Let’s tell your story with moving pictures 

Over the past few years we’ve seen seismic growth in the demand for quality video services for use in presentations, trade shows, websites and social media. And we’ve been on the front lines — partnering with some of the area’s best videographers and storytellers to bring our clients’ stories to life. As this trend continues to gain speed, we’re excited to offer a variety of styles to tell your story and underscore the strength of your brand.


Interview and documentary-feature video

Has your organization recently hosted a great event? A documentary-style short can provide a brief overview of the event, highlighting footage taken from throughout the day and snippet interviews with attendees. This type of video is highly shareable on social media — and can make a great promotional piece the next time you host something similar.


Advertising, marketing or promotional video

When you can’t experience something hands on, the next best option is to see it in action. Is your product or service something that needs to be demonstrated before a customer will consider making a purchase? If so, an advertising or promotional video is a great way to feature your product and lower the barriers to purchase. Plus, you can incorporate customer testimonials to do the selling for you.


Live stream video

With the advent of Facebook Live and Instagram stories, it’s easier than ever to access video content in real-time. Live streaming video services take that concept to a whole new level with high definition quality capture and simultaneous accessibility. Do you have an upcoming event with a keynote speaker or panel you’d like to feature before a global audience? Extend your reach to engage people who could not otherwise attend your event, or consider sending a copy to paying attendees to enjoy again.