Why You Want a Photo Finisher, Not Just a Photo Taker

We recently received a package that contained quite a few disks of photos. On those disk were wedding photos. The intention was to help a friend work through her wedding photos and put together an album that she and her husband would be proud to share with friends and family in their home.

The only thing is that we did not take these wedding photos.

Now don't take this the wrong way, the photographer that she hired for her wedding day is a great photographer. They are very professional and respected in the photo world. The bride and groom had a great experience on their wedding day with this photographer.

But it doesn't negate the fact that this bride and groom were left after their wedding with thousands of photos and very little direction.

The craziest part for us has been the fact we know what she paid for her wedding photography (it was quite a bit).

In the end, this couple paid thousands of dollars for disks...in a box...a nice box I guess...but it's still a box...with disks.

We are now in the process of organizing and categorizing the couples photos so they can walk through the process we have created for our wedding albums.

  1. Couples choose their favorite images from their online wedding gallery
  2. Based on the album's budget, we take the favorite images and design an album unique to their wedding day and tastes
  3. The album design is proofed online by the couple and either approved or changes are suggested
  4. We continue to go back and forth between design and revision until the couple has the perfect wedding album

This all being said, we are happy to help out this couple with their wedding album.

We just hate to see that couples are out there with great wedding photos and really have nothing to show for it. They don't have a creative book to remember their day. They might not even have prints from their wedding in their home.

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wedding photography grand rapids, grand rapids wedding photographer, photo finisher grand rapids

As you plan your wedding day and look for a photographer who is not just a "photo taker", but is also a "photo finisher".

In other words, have a discussion about how the photographer will help you choose your favorite photos for your album or prints following your wedding. If they can't describe a process to you, know that should be an area of concern. In my mind I would say that it should cause a red alert to go off in your mind.

The photographer you hire should have a post-wedding day processes to keep you in the loop regarding your photos and in addition is able to provide you with the products and services that only a professional has access to. There are many great album companies available to the public, but photo professionals still have access to the best of the best.

And isn't that what you're looking for with your wedding photographer? Someone who cares about the best for you...

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