Andrew + Kassandra | Wedding in Lowell, Michigan

A small guest list for a Friday evening wedding in Lowell, Michigan was just what Andrew and Kassandra planned. 

However getting to that point wasn't as easy as it sounds.

A near fatal car collision, a rescheduled wedding date and uncertainty if her father could walk her down the aisle all came into play as they planned their wedding day and began married life.

Through it all, these two approached their wedding day in a sacred way. 

The details that Kassandra put together, the planning it took came in many forms, including jewelry (she wore her mother's wedding pearls as her 'something borrowed'), a hand crafted hair piece, shoes, programs, signage and obviously the most important detail, her wedding dress. 

Kassandra's choice of dress was the first we'd seen like this in 2017: a one shoulder dress. 

Andrew's last minute surprise gift however is something we have seen many grooms surprise their bride to be with. 

The necklace will become a family heirloom because she'll always be able to say "he gave it to me on our wedding day..."

Wedding days are the 'height of beauty and fashion' because a woman spends more time getting ready to see her soon to be husband than any other time during their marriage.  Even putting on the last pieces, like earrings, shows how much time is spent choosing every detail a adorned by a bride. 

Having mom there to help with the final details while her attendants 'attended' her every last need will be a beautiful memory from her wedding day.

Andrew was cool, calm and collected as he was headed upstairs to see his wife (to be) for the first time. 

(We do love first looks by the way. They are very intimate and special. Just ask us how we make them that way)

The bride heading to see her husband (to be) and the groom awaiting his bride (to be) is a moment of joy and anticipation. 

Heading to one of their favorite locations as a couple, Fallasburg Park's Covered Bridge along the Flat River is always a great photo location. 

Photo locations that mean something to a bride and groom make the day more memorable.

I think these portraits should go on their wall, especially the one showing the entire bridge and river.

A wedding day is made special by the friends and family you surround yourself with, especially your wedding party. They make sure you have a great time while having photos taken.

Like debating the question, "What's the best ice cream flavor and why?"

Andrew and Kassandra enjoyed the beauty of a blue sky day, while taking a stroll.

The ladies from different times in Kassandra's life from work, to college, to a niece stood next to her as she became a wife. Andrew's best friend from the military and the two brother-in-laws he's proud to call family were next to him. 

Then the moment of truth comes. Time to pose for a bridal portrait. Kassandra was extremely comfortable in front of the camera and it shows.

Having the two of them be intimate and tender with each other was easy after we showed them how to stand and be close to one another for portraits.

Many times a wedding day can feel rushed to stay on schedule, so we made sure to give the bride and groom a few moments to just take everything in and think about how they felt, how they looked and the beautiful scenery they were able to enjoy. 

Joy, simple joy radiated from both Andrew and Kassandra during this part of their day. 

Returning back to the church, it was time to reflect on what was about to happen. Kassandra was about to become Andrew's wife. 

Wearing her mom's wedding pearls (something old), the bride and her ladies took a moment to express their thankfulness and gratitude to God for bringing she and Andrew together.

Then it was time for "operation keep the 2 year old flower girl happy". As you can see, she was happy, but at the last moment, decided she didn't like being in front of everyone. 

The the only way to describe Kassandra's dad  walking her down the aisle: unforgettable. A few months prior he was in a severe car wreck and didn't know if he'd ever walk again. 

This moment is one Kassandra hoped for since we met and because of his hard work, he was able to walk her down the aisle. 

Earlier in the day her dad even said, "Only on wedding days does my daughter get kisses on the lips. I'm so proud of her and look how beautiful she is!" 

To stand before God, friends and family puts a smile on both Andrew and Kassandra's face.

From their first kiss to the exit from the church, just look at how he adores her (he even took care of her as she got into the car).

Mini dessert options and cake in combination at receptions are sure to please, as is the kind of candy bar these two put together for their guests. Little details, like the married bears, are always fun to see and sweet touches for reception decorations.

Cake cutting represents the bride and groom working together to finish their first meal. Andrew and Kassandra were very cordial when it came to feeding each other cake. ;-)

A groom staring into his new wife's eyes. What can be more romantic (and beautiful to capture)? Just look at the way Andrew stares at his new bride as they dance for family and friends. 

Professional photographers capture single images as well as sequences of fun moments. Like when Andrew and Kassandra began laughing during their first dance. The two of them were laughing and joking throughout the day, but this sequence shows the truest version of them as a couple that we experienced. 

A father who wasn't sure he could dance with his daughter should make everyone emotional. Seeing Kassandra's dad look into his daughter's eyes with pride, not only for himself, but more importantly for the woman she's become, was nothing less than magical.

Fun ensued on the dance floor with the cupid shuffle, slow dances with the family (a tradition), as was the 'family' dance where smiles and laughter abound. The ladies kept the energy going on the dance floor all night long. 

The laughter throughout the day with Andrew and Kassandra was contagious. All we had to do was make sure the two of them had a great time and the laughter kept going, well past when we exited for the evening. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: First Baptist Church of Lowell
Reception Location: St. Robert's Catholic Church
Bridal Dress: David's Bridal
Groom's Suit: JF Ferrar 
Hair & Makeup: Kendra at Heidi Christine
Reception DJ: Hugh from Celebration Entertainment

If you're looking for a photographer who will take care of your needs on your wedding day, keep you on schedule and create beautiful images of you, your spouses and all the people and details that are important to you, then be sure to reach out to us. 

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