Wedding Day | Do You Have a Coach and Cheerleader?

What kind of experience are you looking for on your wedding day? Are you looking for a dictator to tell you where to go and what to do on your wedding day? Or do you want the "Harry and Lloyd" characters from Dumb and Dumber who are just out to have a good time regardless of what they're doing? There are vendors and photographers out there like both of these characters. two-extremes-for-weddings

I'm sure you would agree that these two characterizations are on both extremes of personality, but never the less, they do exist.

As our journey in the world of photography has developed, we have been able to create a framework of how we operate on a wedding day that has served our clients well. While we are not drill sergeants or Harry and Lloyds, we do feel we play two roles for our clients: Coach and Cheerleader.

The role of coach comes out in many different ways. Prior to your wedding day we work with you to create a wedding schedule that reflects what you want to happen on your wedding day and how photography can fit into that timeline. The sign of an amateur in any field is when the supposed "professional" asks you the client, "so what would you like to do next?". Imagine if you visited your tax professional and they asked you "so, which deduction would you like to work through next?".

In addition to helping create a wedding schedule for your wedding day, we also step in as the professional coach when it comes to the "high traffic, high stress" times of your wedding day. For example, if you are planning on having family photos taken with your extended family, do you have someone to "wrangle" them together? Once they're together, how do you make sure the groupings look their best for family photos? Who goes with who, who stands where, which side of the family are just some of the questions that need to be worked through quickly and efficiently to keep your day on schedule and at the same time not to lose the goodwill of the people we are about to photograph. Having a professional at that moment is priceless when they take that responsibility off you, the bride and groom, and take it upon themselves to work with the people you care about the most. 

The role of cheerleader is one that we slip in and out of throughout your wedding day. During the early part of your wedding day, you simply need someone to let you know "hey, I hope you're ready to have a great time today, because whether you do or not, we are going to have a blast!" During those moments where the butterflies appear all of a sudden, it's helpful to have a cheerleader in your corner. Later in the day, when everyone's shoulders have relaxed because you're officially married and the "formalities" are finished, we can work with you and your wedding party to create amazing images because everyone is having a great time, not suffering through the afternoon with a photographer that is no fun at all.

The question remains: Are you looking for someone who can help you manage your wedding day? If you would like a couple of professionals to help you through the day of process, we are here to help.

If you decide to utilize someone else for your wedding photography needs, be sure to ask them what the "day of" experience will be like. It will help you understand what to expect on the biggest day of your life.

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