Wedding Album | What Will You Do With Your Wedding Photos

One of the most important questions that I ask a bride and groom is "What are you hoping to do with your wedding photos AFTER your wedding day?" The reason I ask this questions is because I know the food will be eaten, the flowers will be gone, the decorations will be taken down and guests will return to their lives. Following your wedding day you will have a new spouse, a ring and your wedding photos. So what are you going to do with your wedding photos? 

Are you going to leave them on Facebook and share them with friends and family? I'm sure that's a good thing to do and it will be a lot of fun!

Are you going to put them on a CD and carry the CD (or jump drive) with you where ever you go? That's a very good thing to do as well.

Have you considered a professional wedding album? Not one that's created on Shutterfly or Snapfish or your local Walmart (not that those aren't good ideas as well).

The best way we can serve the couples who entrust their wedding day memories to us is to create something they will never forget and will never put away in a box. Enter the professional wedding album.

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The album you see above is from Phil and Meg's wedding in Traverse City, Michigan. Following their wedding day, we created a beautiful wedding album that captured the essence and style of their day. We then went back and forth a couple of times on design changes, Phil and Meg chose their favorite album cover (in this case a Die Cut Leather cover in the Sienna color) and favorite photo to include on the front as well.

The inside pages are designed from edge to edge with zero gap in the middle of the book, which is something most people have not seen or experienced before.

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In addition, Phil and Meg (just like all the couples that work with us) receive a kick-butt online gallery! The company we use (PASS) is geared toward providing amazing solutions for the photography industry. Every couple we work with receives a custom gallery where they can view their wedding photos, share their favorites, print images (at our cost!) and download to both their computers and mobile devices. All of it is seamlessly integrated into the gallery.

If you haven't experienced PASS yet, be sure to contact us and we can send you a sample gallery that will not only knock your socks off, but also WOW everyone who you share the gallery with!

So if you're wondering what couples receive from us following their wedding day, our couples receive great images displayed in amazing ways! Whether that's through a beautiful professional wedding album or through the great PASS gallery they can share with friends and family, our mission is to create images you will talk about for years.

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