The "B" Word & Weddings | Part 3

Spend Money Based on YOUR Priorities

If you didn't start with the first part of this Budgeting series. Or you can visit Part 2 of our "B" word series!

One of the great resources we offer to couples who contact us is our Wedding Savings Guide, which is all about helping couples Budget, Prioritize and Save Money on their Wedding Day. If you haven't gotten a hold of the free guide, be sure to grab your copy by clicking below.

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Budgeting Tip #3

Spend Money Based on YOUR Priorities

Examine your combined rankings and get ready for a shocker…

"The majority of your wedding budget should go to the Top 10 priorities ranked!"

Many websites advocate that you do an even split among all categories. Others provide you with typical “percentages”…

But you aren’t the “typical” bride and groom. There is no one size fits all solution, just like one size fits all clothing does not exist!


Claim your priorities! Don’t be bashful! Go against the grain! Be a rebel and actually tell your money where to go and what is most important to you!

Meet Pat and Ari.

They are recently engaged and both work at locally sourced, foodie restaurants in Grand Rapids. Together, they rank food as their #1 priority and bar/drinks as #2. Flowers and decorations fall as #19.

In light of this, I am suggesting that the vast majority of their budget be spent on their #1 priority. Listed below are just a few savings that they have devised in other categories, to “beef” up their food budget:

1.) Through Pinterest, they located “do it yourself” information on reception decorations. Saving $400

2.) A friend, who DJ’s at a local bar, agreed to offer his services as a gift. Saving $850

3.) In lieu of favors, they choose to make a small donation of $100 to a pet shelter. Savings $300

These savings, when placed into their food budget, will assist in purchasing high end micro brew beers, which Pat is crazy about!

Can it really be that easy? Fact or fiction? My brother Pat and his wife, Ari were married 3 years ago. The wedding was beautiful and the food was fantastic!


We hope you have enjoyed our breakdown of wedding budgets and if any of the ideas here have helped you, please let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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