The "B" Word & Weddings | Part 2

It's the infamous word: Budget

If you didn't start with the first part of this Budgeting series. Part 1 can be found by clicking here!

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Budgeting Tip #2


Establish YOUR Priorities


When we say your priorities, we mean YOUR individual priorities. Not your soon to be spouses’. Not your parents. Not your friends. Just YOURS!

Together, think through your wedding day.

Imagine it.

Discuss your visions for the day.

What follows next can be considered a “WANTS/NEEDS ANALYSIS”.

Included is a list of vendors that are a part of most wedding days. Each of you (yes, this includes the groom as well), is number the list 1 to 19 in terms of what you feel are the most important items.

Once you rank each of the vendors, take the other person’s list, add their ranking to yours and then divide by two.

Let’s say the Bride had the band as the #3 ranked item and the Groom ranked a band at #19.

Take your #3 ranking; add it to his #19 ranking, giving a total of 22.

Then divide by two and you come up with a ranking of #11.

This is where the real world enters your discussion.

Don’t throw your dreams out the window, but open the lines of communication regarding the ranking system and move forward together.


Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Budget Discussion & weddings.

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