Andrew+ Megan | Proposal at the Ada Covered Bridge

We have known Megan for several years and she has become one of my wife's closest friends. When she began talking about Andrew, we knew something was different. 

For most couples, we've found that for one person falling in love was like a lightning bolt, it struck them and there was no turning back. That's how I was with my wife. For the other person, the progression is slower.

For Megan, we knew as soon as she began talking about Andrew, it was her lightning bolt moment. She was different. If you'd asked me was anything missing in Megan's life before Andrew, I would have said no. But, after seeing these two together, I now see that something was missing and it was Andrew.

Andrew contacted me to let me know he had asked Megan's dad for her hand in marriage and her dad had said yes. He was off to look for a ring, so we sent him to the Grand Rapids jeweler we use, Almassian Jewelers, where he found a beautiful ring. 

We then worked out the details of the proposal at the Ada Covered Bridge. We talked about timing, were he should ask if he wanted great photos, etc. 

I realized it's not everyday you get to photograph your friend's engagement, so I thought I should shoot a couple of videos as I was nervous for them. I can't imagine what the butterflies were doing inside Andrew's stomach! 

Enjoy the video below and I have included a few images from the video so you can see Megan's amazing reaction! 

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