Local First Fork Fest | Grand Rapids Event Photography

The Local First Fork Fest is a combination of FOOD EVENT, EDUCATION EVENT & NETWORKING EVENT. It's one of the few times throughout the year that I see the community come together to learn about the new options in the West Michigan food world. 

If you know anything about my wife and I, we love food. We love the Grand Rapids food scene and love discovering new places in Grand Rapids. This event consistently helps us find one or two new places to check out in the coming months.

This year was no different and below, I list all the folks at the event and the couple new ones that impressed me the most. 

Since the events first year, we have been the photography sponsor and love supporting the local food ecosystem. My family's background is farming and it never ceases to amaze me how people don't know where their food comes from. Events like Fork Fest bridge the gap between where something is grown and how it ends up on your table. 

At this years event, here are the couple of places that really stood out to me as I walked around, tried samples and snapped photos of business owners interacting with the crowd:

Doorganics - it's no surprise we love our produce delivered by Doorganics. We talk about them all the time on our ClimieLivingTiny Instagram feed. You can even get a discount on your first box, JUST ASK

MoKaya - a new chocolate boutique opened by former owner of The Catering Company in Grand Rapids. I am a sucker for Hot Chocolate and the samples they had were AMAZING!

Daddy Pete's BBQ - you may have seen Corey and Tarra at city events with their food truck, but their BBQ and 6 Cheese Mac & Cheese is out of this world! 

Lindo Mexico - we love Mexican and our go to places in downtown are Luna and El Granjero, but we will be making a special trip to their Wyoming location

Louise Earl Butcher - have you ever seen a butcher at work? These guys carved up 1/2 a pig at the event so you can see how it's done BEFORE you purchase from the store! 

Field & Fire Cafe - now you may have heard of Field & Fire at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, but did you know they just opened a sit down cafe on North Monroe? They weren't a vendor at the event, but the owners, Shelby and Julie, were there supporting the local food ecosystem.

To see the complete Fork Fest gallery, be sure to visit Local First's Facebook page and give them a LIKE while you're there.