5 Tips for Capturing the Best Headshots

Headshot Photographers in Grand Rapids, Michigan

In the business world, you will certainly want to make an impression. There are many wonderful professionals that are all trying to further their careers or businesses. Therefore, when it comes to showcasing yourself in the business world, you will want to stand out from the rest, allowing you to leave a lasting impression with your potential clients or employers.

The best way to ensure that you sell yourself is with a headshot! Your potential clients or employers will be able to put a face to your name and obtain a sense of your personality. Whether you attract them with your award-winning smile or your unique look, a headshot will ensure that they remember who you are.

We understand just how important it is to make a wonderful first impression with a stunning headshot! That’s why, here at Tiberius Images, as Grand Rapids headshot photographers, we have put together five tips for capturing the best headshots. If you would like to discover what these tips are, be sure to read on:

  • A Professional Background. Every detail of your headshot will contribute its own element. For example, the background you choose will show a little about you and your professional manner. So, it’s important to choose a clean background with no distractions. A solid background is an ideal choice for letting you shine as the focus of the photo, just as you should.

  • A Striking Angle. Angles do so much for photos! From the angle in which you sit to the angle in which your headshots are captured, each is of importance. Present yourself in a professional and intriguing way by angling one of your shoulders away from the camera. This will allow you to showcase a posture that radiates confidence! Which is exactly what you should be flaunting within your headshots.

  • Lighting. One of the most important aspects of photography is lighting! From creating the perfect ambiance to illuminating you as the focus, lighting will do wonders for your photos. For your headshots, consider using a soft, diffused light. This will represent a professional setting for your images.

  • Filling the Frame. The focal lengths of your headshots are a vital piece to showcasing flattering photos. For example, zooming in will compress your facial features and present your most flattering side. In addition, filling the frame with your shoulders and head is most ideal for headshots. Also, don’t forget to maintain a confident posture!

  • Dressing the Part. Clothing is the best way for people to express themselves! For your headshots, you will want to dress in a way that represents your professionalism. Solid colors would be best, as you should be the focus of your photos, not your outfit. So, “busy” clothes and anything with logos should be avoided. In addition, consider jewelry that is subtle and accentuates your features. Also, it would be best to flaunt a makeup style that evokes a timeless appearance.

You can achieve the success and attention you want with the use of a quality headshot! These are just a few tips to assist you with capturing yours.

Are you prepared to have your own photos captured by a headshot photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so, please get in touch with us here at Tiberius Images, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to have you feeling confident and comfortable in front of the camera.