Hello West Michigan Annual Meeting | Grand Rapids Event Photography

Hello West Michigan is a unique and special organization.

Their purpose is to promote West Michigan as a place where business thrives and people want to live and work.

Sometimes when you live and work in a location your entire life, it's difficult to message what makes the West Michigan area unique. Hello West Michigan solves that problem for us! 

Their role in the community is to be a one stop shop for the "in-migrant" population looking to return or relocate to West Michigan. 

If you've never lived in the area, how do you build a network of people who look out for you and your career interests? How do you know when a company is looking to hire? 

Hello West Michigan serves not only those looking to relocate to the area, but they also serve their member businesses. Their goal is to meet the needs of companies looking to hire the best talent they can find. 

Their annual meeting, held this year at Haworth in Holland, revolved around what the organization has done in the past 12 months. 

Here is the best statistic of the meeting:

Out of the 1499 resumes Hello West Michigan has sent to member companies on behalf of people trying to relocate here, they have help 750 of them get hired -- over 50%!

The organization is run by Executive Director Cindy Brown and Program Manager Rachel Bartels

If you're looking for the right job for your skill set and want to be in West Michigan, Hello West Michigan is the place to start.

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