IBTIKAR MC at Start Garden | Grand Rapids Business Photography

We met Ghassan Haddad (San), Founder and President of IBTIKAR Management Consulting while taking team portraits for Start Garden. We were taking portraits of the newly added Start Garden staff when after the session, San came over inquired what it would be like to have professional portraits done for himself and his team. 

It continues to amaze me how business grows and develops in Grand Rapids. Someone who we work for happens to know someone, who happens to know someone else who is looking for business photography in Grand Rapids

Because of our time at Start Garden, a few weeks later we met with San and discussed what he was looking for when it came to portraits and photos. 

He said he needed photos that were professional, approachable and creative.

His company uses methods of innovation (which is what IBTIKAR means) for clients across the globe, so it was necessary that no matter who viewed the photos, they would see IBTIKAR as a group of real people they can work with. 

IBTIKAR MC is directed and run mainly by San and Zain ElsadigRachel Haddad, Abigail McClung and Kim Kalman all play administrative, project management and creative roles within the company. 

If you're in need of portraits for your organization or business, please reach out to us via our website.

Our goal is to make life simpler and easier for the busy business owner and their marketing staff. 

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