Final Calvary Church Service at Calvin | Grand Rapids Event Photography

Calvary Church in Grand Rapids has been our home church since we moved back to Grand Rapids in 2004. It's the place my wife grew up going to church with her family and it's become a place we are eager to visit on Sunday morning.

In addition to our time on Sunday morning, we are asked to photograph different parts of life at Calvary Church. Earlier in the year we photographed the final service held in the sanctuary at Calvary before renovations took place.

For the past 8 months the sanctuary at Calvary has been under construction, so we have been meeting off site at Calvin College. 

Setup on Saturday night. Tear down Sunday after two worship services. Kids meeting in the auxiliary gym. Small groups meeting off site. This has been the norm for the past 8 months. 

However, December 18 marks our first service in our newly renovated sanctuary on the East Beltline. We welcome you to visit and see what has been going on the past 8 months. 

I was asked to photograph the final service at Calvin College as a way of remembering our journey to their campus. 

Now that our time there is complete, I am eager to see what our church body will be like when we return. Will we be more hospitable? More flexible? Have a desire to build community? Reach more people for Christ because of our new facility? 

A few years ago, while in a small group of leaders at Calvary, I remember the number of 50,000. It was the number of people that go through the doors of Calvary Church on the East Beltline on a weekly basis. 

Our campus does serve a large group on Sunday morning, but it also ministers to those who come for small groups, counseling, children's ministry and more. 

Be sure to come and see Calvary's newly renovated space. We would love to see you there! 

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