Coffee Shop Engagement Photos | Jordan + Aleia


Many times an engagement photo session ends up being a confidence builder for the soon to be bride and groom. 

Think about it. How do you become comfortable kissing in a restaurant, sitting and snuggling and having people watch you the entire time? 

You do so by having a photographer that knows how to make you comfortable and the process easy. 

You need someone to say, "Hey, you two look great! We're not going to publish or post any images that we don't think are amazing, so no worries about looking or feeling awkward..." 

This is especially true when you're in a public place, like the Field and Fire Cafe in downtown Grand Rapids. We knew the cafe would be somewhat slow on a Sunday afternoon in the last hour of business. However, there were still several people in the cafe when we arrived.

Both Aleia and Jordan walked in excited and confident about the engagement session. Knowing these two had great attitudes about the session makes our time together more enjoyable.

But there is always that moment just before we begin taking photos. It's a moment of where a seed of fear shows up. It's usually only one half of the couple that shows it (it usually comes out through the words they're using just before the session). We see it so often, we knew how to handle it. 

We went over the game plan for the shoot: while drinking coffee and sharing a pastry in the cafe, we wanted to capture the love the two of them show for each other, the experience of what it's like being in the space as a couple and then step outside for a few outdoor photos. 

The game plan sounded great to them, so it was time to get these two connecting with each other in front of the camera. 

We wanted to highlight the space the Field and Fire Cafe offers customers as it's one of our favorites in the downtown area. Their baked goods are second to none so we just had to include them in our collection of images. 

Knowing the cafe is just across the street from the iconic Sixth Street Bridge on the Grand River, we stepped outside with these two for a few minutes at the end of the session. Considering the weather was blustery and 42 degrees, I'd say they look pretty comfortable. 

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