Tips for Choosing Accessories for Your Business Headshots

Grand Rapids Headshot Photographers

Headshots can aid you in your business oriented goals. From getting new clients to becoming a familiar face within the city, you can rely on the impact that headshots will have for your business. As a business professional, you have a career profile that you present to the world. With your skills, services, and successes, you will want to highlight this profile throughout your journey as a business professional.

Of course, dressing in a professional and attractive manner is key, as is creating the proper vision you have for your business, presenting a clean-cut image, and looking personable. However, you will want to stand out when it comes to the presentation of your headshots.

We believe that accessories are a great addition to headshots! That’s why, here at Tiberius Images, as Grand Rapids headshot photographers, we have gathered a few tips for choosing accessories for your own business headshots. To learn how you can appropriately accessorize for yours, be sure to continue reading:

  • Ties. Are you looking to adorn the neck of your attire with a little splash of personality? With a bowtie, you can add your own personal style to your photos. Because this is a little less formal and professional than a tie, it is a great idea for musicians, actors, or even professionals who just want to flaunt a bit of flair. On the other hand, if you are going for the full-on professional appearance, a standard tie is the best way to go.

  • Glasses. If you regularly wear glasses, you may be concerned as to how they will appear within your photos. You may even be considering splurging for a pair of contacts for your photoshoot. This may not be the best idea. Glasses create a significant look for a person. If you regularly wear glasses, you won’t have the same appearance you do within your photos. This can be confusing for potential clients and may even cause you to be unrecognizable to them. So, know that you can own those glasses within your photo session.

  • Pocket Squares. Adding a splash of color or character to your photos can be incorporated into more than just a necktie or jewelry. A pocket square is a classy way to add a hint of color to your headshots. Pair your pocket square with your tie for a cohesive appearance, and you are sure to emit an abundance of professionalism.

  • Jewelry. Jewelry is another wonderful way to add a little more pizzazz to your photos while still looking professional. Keep in mind that simple is better. Approach your potential jewelry pieces with a minimalistic point of view. Skip the large earrings or grand necklace, and opt for simple pieces of jewelry that will accentuate your beauty, rather than being the main focus of your photos.

Your headshots are critical to the success of your business! So, it’s important to ensure that the right accessories are chosen. With these tips, you can select your accessories with ease.

Would you like to have your own images captured by a headshot photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so, please feel free to contact us here at Tiberius Images, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to capture yours!