Yes, We Have An Affiliate Program

The past few years we've experimented on different advertising platforms: email marketing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, print and others. You may have done the same. With all that we did, we found is that our best projects came through WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS. 

It got us thinking, how can we reward people for sending projects, people and couples our way? 

The answer came to us:

make sure REFERRALS GET A DISCOUNT as well.

Call it a "vacation bonus" if it makes you feel better.
Call it whatever you'd like. We're calling it an affiliate program.


In today's economy it means something when you refer someone to us. At a foundational level it means you trust us to take care of the person you're referring and second, it means you give away some of your social capital when you said "Trust this person..." 

When you send projects and people our way, it helps us build our business

But why shouldn't we reward YOU as well?

So here are the details of our affiliate program: 

  • YOU will receive a check for 5% of whatever the total amount of the project

  • Your REFERRAL will also receive a 5% discount on their total project

Imagine you send us 3 business projects and 2 weddings projects this year?

If I sent you checks for over $1,000 this year, could you figure out how to spend the money? Perhaps a vacation when it gets cold in December 2018? 

And we believe this is something we are going to keep in place going forward. Any time that client works with us (say it's 3x in 2018, let alone future years) we are going to send you a check for the project! 

Want to take advantage of the affiliate program?

Fill out the form below & we will send you a unique referral code

(you will give your code to your referrals, that's how we track everything...)

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