Jake + Amanda | Bissell Tree House Ceremony & Reception in Grand Rapids

We met Jake and Amanda because of Amanda's amazing wedding planning mother, Shelly. With the help of the Bissell Tree House Preferred Vendor List (that we are a part of), Shelly reached out to us asking all kinds of questions on what it would be like to have us photograph Jake and Amanda's day.

Being an only child, Amanda decided the best way to begin the day would be to get ready with her bridesmaids at her childhood home north of downtown Grand Rapids. 

She had a friend, Tess, a professional hair stylist, take care of hair for the day, which added to the personal touches at the house. Having her dress hang on the porch she grew up eating with her parents was touching. 

We wanted to make sure the ladies had a great time as they got ready, so it was mimosas all morning for Amanda and the bridesmaids. 

As we photographed the details Amanda had put together, we realized she could not get away from Jake -- even her shoes had his name on them. 

The blending of wedding day details with the details her parent's home made for a great photo setting. It also meant her bridesmaids and best friends were comfortable all morning as they helped her put together the last pieces of jewelry. 

We wanted to make sure and capture the moment of having their daughter ready for her wedding, so we had Amanda's parents head outside with her to visit the road she grew up on as a backdrop. 

She and her ladies jumped into a limo that came to the house to pick everyone up. No one wants to worry about traffic, driving and 'how do I get my car back here' type questions on a wedding day.

Meanwhile, over at Jake's home (now Jake and Amanda's home), Jake and his guys were getting ready and making sure to include cute details (like the corgi socks Amanda got for him a while back, he decided they were wedding day appropriate).

He gifted his groomsmen matching watches and Jake was all smiles at the house (even to the point of taking selfies for social media).

The Bissell Tree House is a beautiful location, but the details of Amanda and Jake's wedding day came together in a unique way we had not seen before. The light pink color was great for then end of summer wedding and you'll love all the details below, including the specialty linens and bows on the chairs (provided by Special Occasions West). 

The ladies arrived at the Treehouse and took a ride up the funicular as Jake and Amanda prepared to see each other for the first time. 

The balcony area at the treehouse is perfect for first looks as Amanda was in place, looking perfect, and Jake came around the corner and saw his bride for the first time. 

After a few moments to themselves (so they could remember the feeling of seeing each other on their wedding day) we walked the wedding party through portraits.

Some together, some just the girls, some just the guys (and just the brothers).

Eventually we wanted to get to a point where Jake and Amanda could be comfortable together and be there just with us, helping create intimate portraits of the two of them. 

Once we were happy with the number of portraits of the wedding party, we moved to a different section of the balcony to grab portraits of the bride and groom with the city skyline in the background. 

After being in the suit and wedding dress for a little while, both Jake and Amanda became comfortable with the camera and just being themselves. Showing a little attitude and enjoying their wedding day up in the trees. 

With one last toast (and a fun moment for everyone in the wedding party) they were lined up and as seating of the parents began, laughter erupted between Jake and his mom (who was about to see her son get married). 

Then it was Amanda's father's turn to proudly walk his daughter down the aisle. Guests were finally able to see how amazing Amanda looked on her wedding day and with one last kiss, Dad gave his daughter away. 

The Bissell Tree House always looks amazing and if you can't tell the wall of windows leans OUT toward the trees making you feel like you're in an actual tree house. 

The pastor was kind enough to have Jake and Amanda turn around and look at their guests and remember what it felt like to stand in front of those they care so much for on their wedding day. 

Writing their own vows, the two of them got each other laughing (and now they have personalized vows to look back on for years to come). 

Before they knew it, it was time for the "first kiss" and their exit. 

The exit is one of my favorite moments as a photographer as we are the first to congratulate the newlyweds on their marriage. 

Jake and Amanda had such a special moment after the ceremony. Just watch how they're looking at one another. 

Then it was a little marriage license fun before a glass of wine with guests for cocktail hour (more couples should try to spend cocktail hour with their guests, it takes the energy level up a notch). 

Once everyone had time to mingle with guests (and family photos were officially done), we spent 15 minutes with the wedding party as guests were being seated and captured some fun portraits. 

We always want folks having fun on their wedding day, bridal party included, which means making sure everyone is comfortable with us and also relaxed now the "hard part" (aka ceremony) is done. 

It's usually at this point that the bride and groom are at their most confident and that was true of both Jake and Amanda. 

Then it was time for fun with guests. Their grand entrance was just that - GRAND! 

First two pieces of business to attend to after being announced: cut and enjoy brownie cake and to hear from your best friends as they toast your new marriage. 

Those windows are just breathtaking. The Bissell Tree House does not disappoint guests when the arrive and enjoy an evening, that's for sure. 

Laughter abounded throughout the night as Jake and Amanda danced the night away. 

To complete their evening, we wanted to make sure we used the amazing light and sunset over Grand Rapids. 

We found out these two are beer lovers, so what better way to toast to Beer City, USA than a kiss and a cheers! 

Then it was back to Jake being the funny guy, lightening up the mood with more jokes and the night closed out for us as the new Mr. and Mrs. walked back to their guests and into their new future. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Location: Bissell Tree House
Bride's Dress: Becker's Bridal
Bridesmaids's Dresses: David's Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen: Woodland Tailoring
Hair & Makeup: Tess from Douglas J
Chair Bow & Linens: Special Occasions West
Flowers: Eastern Floral
Officiant: Lisa Perry, Heart Celebrations
Catering: Applause Catering
Wedding Cake: Le Bon Macaron
DJ: DeAnte with DJ Trax

If you're looking for a photographer who will take care of your needs on your wedding day, keep you on schedule and create beautiful images of you, your spouses and all the people and details that are important to you, then be sure to reach out to us. 

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Michael + Jillian | Michigan State Garden Wedding

Having a future wedding couple watch us photograph another wedding is the best way for them to see and experience what it's like having Rebecca and I as photographers on their future wedding day.

That's exactly how it worked for Michael and Jillian as we photographed Jillian's older brother's wedding in 2015 (check out Luke and Sarah's wedding at Michigan State). 

Michael and Jillian planned an intimate day with close friends and family and when a couple plans a wedding day with fewer guests, that means they've taken time to really think through the details of their wedding day. 

Those details included everything from shoes, to bridal dress to Jillian's custom made copper hair piece. 

Neither Michael or Jillian are big fans of being in the spotlight. Perhaps you can relate. So having people around them, like mom, was an important part of the wedding day. 

As the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time grew, they put together the final details which included a custom made memory box with their names, bottle of favorite wine and notes to one another to be read at a later date. 

Then it was time for these two to see each other out in the Gardens. We arranged Michael and told him the next person he would see would be his bride.

Jillian enjoyed the walk from her dressing room out to see her future husband. While he waited on pins and needles, she was all smiles as she approached him in the beautiful location. 

She was excited to show off her dress, hair and all the details she'd planned for their wedding day and all he could do was admire her with an unending smile. 

Making sure couples are comfortable while having their photo taken is one of our top priorities. Michael and Jillian seeing each other before their ceremony created a sense of comfort and calmness for both of them. 

This allowed them to have normal conversation with one another and feel comfortable as we provided direction and posing tips. 

The gardens at Michigan State University are a dream location for a wedding. Not only do the bride and groom look amazing, the setting is spectacular as well. We took full advantage of that with Michael and Jillian.

Joy is the best word to describe Michael's quick looks at Jillian during portraits together and with a little bit of coaching they were ready to rock individual portraits. (Jillian knew how to pose with the best of them...)

In what Rebecca calls the "proudest moment for a father", Jillian took her father's arm for the long walk toward her husband. 

After all the planning of a wedding day, this is the moment where both bride and groom are all smiles, knowing the details all came together to celebrate their marriage.

51 guests enjoyed the beautiful setting as Michael and Jillian held hands and pledged their lives to one another. 

With the sun shining and perfect August weather, the bride and groom couldn't help but smile at each other.

Their officiant even had them turn around and face their guests as a way to help them remember the day and the feeling of creating their new life together as husband and wife.

Then the most memorable moments of the ceremony: the first kiss and walking down as husband and wife for the first time. 

Amidst the business of the post ceremony shuffle, we try to help couples take a quick moment just for themselves to think about the way they feel and what this day has meant for them. 

For Michael and Jillian that was a quick moment tucked away in the trees of the MSU Gardens as their guests departed the ceremony site.

Once guests departed, we headed into the gardens to capture the bride and groom with their wedding party. With only a matron of honor and best man, it made the process simple and quick. 

The beautiful setting helped capture the moment of Jillian's life long best friend as matron of honor and Michael's younger brother standing next to them on one of the most important days of their lives. 

On your wedding day our belief is you should imagine who you would like to have attend your 50th anniversary party, then invite those people to your wedding. That's exactly what Michael and Jillian did.

They even had some fun with their portraits, sneaking a kiss every once in a while (or maybe more often than 'once'). 

With green as the primary backdrop, outdoor portraits will look amazing, but more important is making sure Jillian is relaxed and Michael feels confident. 

The last portrait of the two of them exudes that feeling.

Heading over to the Kellogg Center for their dinner with friends, these two wanted to make sure guests had a few things to do while they waited, including creating a new set of Jenga blocks for their home with personalized messages. A deck of cards adorned each place setting as a thank you gift. 

Jillian brought together the colors of her wedding day with a wedding cake (and dessert table) that included copper details. 


The final agenda item for their wedding day was to hear from the best man and the matron of honor as they toasted the newlyweds. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens
Reception Location: Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Bride & Bridesmaids: David's Bridal
Groom's Suit: Men's Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup: Mirabella Salon

If you're looking for a photographer who will take care of your needs on your wedding day, keep you on schedule and create beautiful images of you, your spouses and all the people and details that are important to you, then be sure to reach out to us. 

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Andrew + Kassandra | Wedding in Lowell, Michigan

A small guest list for a Friday evening wedding in Lowell, Michigan was just what Andrew and Kassandra planned. 

However getting to that point wasn't as easy as it sounds.

A near fatal car collision, a rescheduled wedding date and uncertainty if her father could walk her down the aisle all came into play as they planned their wedding day and began married life.

Through it all, these two approached their wedding day in a sacred way. 

The details that Kassandra put together, the planning it took came in many forms, including jewelry (she wore her mother's wedding pearls as her 'something borrowed'), a hand crafted hair piece, shoes, programs, signage and obviously the most important detail, her wedding dress. 

Kassandra's choice of dress was the first we'd seen like this in 2017: a one shoulder dress. 

Andrew's last minute surprise gift however is something we have seen many grooms surprise their bride to be with. 

The necklace will become a family heirloom because she'll always be able to say "he gave it to me on our wedding day..."

Wedding days are the 'height of beauty and fashion' because a woman spends more time getting ready to see her soon to be husband than any other time during their marriage.  Even putting on the last pieces, like earrings, shows how much time is spent choosing every detail a adorned by a bride. 

Having mom there to help with the final details while her attendants 'attended' her every last need will be a beautiful memory from her wedding day.

Andrew was cool, calm and collected as he was headed upstairs to see his wife (to be) for the first time. 

(We do love first looks by the way. They are very intimate and special. Just ask us how we make them that way)

The bride heading to see her husband (to be) and the groom awaiting his bride (to be) is a moment of joy and anticipation. 

Heading to one of their favorite locations as a couple, Fallasburg Park's Covered Bridge along the Flat River is always a great photo location. 

Photo locations that mean something to a bride and groom make the day more memorable.

I think these portraits should go on their wall, especially the one showing the entire bridge and river.

A wedding day is made special by the friends and family you surround yourself with, especially your wedding party. They make sure you have a great time while having photos taken.

Like debating the question, "What's the best ice cream flavor and why?"

Andrew and Kassandra enjoyed the beauty of a blue sky day, while taking a stroll.

The ladies from different times in Kassandra's life from work, to college, to a niece stood next to her as she became a wife. Andrew's best friend from the military and the two brother-in-laws he's proud to call family were next to him. 

Then the moment of truth comes. Time to pose for a bridal portrait. Kassandra was extremely comfortable in front of the camera and it shows.

Having the two of them be intimate and tender with each other was easy after we showed them how to stand and be close to one another for portraits.

Many times a wedding day can feel rushed to stay on schedule, so we made sure to give the bride and groom a few moments to just take everything in and think about how they felt, how they looked and the beautiful scenery they were able to enjoy. 

Joy, simple joy radiated from both Andrew and Kassandra during this part of their day. 

Returning back to the church, it was time to reflect on what was about to happen. Kassandra was about to become Andrew's wife. 

Wearing her mom's wedding pearls (something old), the bride and her ladies took a moment to express their thankfulness and gratitude to God for bringing she and Andrew together.

Then it was time for "operation keep the 2 year old flower girl happy". As you can see, she was happy, but at the last moment, decided she didn't like being in front of everyone. 

The the only way to describe Kassandra's dad  walking her down the aisle: unforgettable. A few months prior he was in a severe car wreck and didn't know if he'd ever walk again. 

This moment is one Kassandra hoped for since we met and because of his hard work, he was able to walk her down the aisle. 

Earlier in the day her dad even said, "Only on wedding days does my daughter get kisses on the lips. I'm so proud of her and look how beautiful she is!" 

To stand before God, friends and family puts a smile on both Andrew and Kassandra's face.

From their first kiss to the exit from the church, just look at how he adores her (he even took care of her as she got into the car).

Mini dessert options and cake in combination at receptions are sure to please, as is the kind of candy bar these two put together for their guests. Little details, like the married bears, are always fun to see and sweet touches for reception decorations.

Cake cutting represents the bride and groom working together to finish their first meal. Andrew and Kassandra were very cordial when it came to feeding each other cake. ;-)

A groom staring into his new wife's eyes. What can be more romantic (and beautiful to capture)? Just look at the way Andrew stares at his new bride as they dance for family and friends. 

Professional photographers capture single images as well as sequences of fun moments. Like when Andrew and Kassandra began laughing during their first dance. The two of them were laughing and joking throughout the day, but this sequence shows the truest version of them as a couple that we experienced. 

A father who wasn't sure he could dance with his daughter should make everyone emotional. Seeing Kassandra's dad look into his daughter's eyes with pride, not only for himself, but more importantly for the woman she's become, was nothing less than magical.

Fun ensued on the dance floor with the cupid shuffle, slow dances with the family (a tradition), as was the 'family' dance where smiles and laughter abound. The ladies kept the energy going on the dance floor all night long. 

The laughter throughout the day with Andrew and Kassandra was contagious. All we had to do was make sure the two of them had a great time and the laughter kept going, well past when we exited for the evening. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: First Baptist Church of Lowell
Reception Location: St. Robert's Catholic Church
Bridal Dress: David's Bridal
Groom's Suit: JF Ferrar 
Hair & Makeup: Kendra at Heidi Christine
Reception DJ: Hugh from Celebration Entertainment

If you're looking for a photographer who will take care of your needs on your wedding day, keep you on schedule and create beautiful images of you, your spouses and all the people and details that are important to you, then be sure to reach out to us. 

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Jim + Cindy | Pentwater Beach Wedding


Excitement filled the air as Jim and Cindy said "I DO" in front of friends and family in Pentwater, Michigan.  

To say the evening was magical would be an understatement. 

Cindy, as many brides tend to be, was anxious, excited and emotional. The emotional ups and downs happened while Cindy was getting ready at their home.

However, our associate photographers, Jason and Tara were able to make her feel comfortable and help her focus on what was going to happen in just the next few minutes, seeing her future husband Jim. 

But when she first saw Jim, the excitement stayed, but the anxiety and emotional roller coaster of the morning went away. 

They hosted guests at a private beach near Pentwater where the two recently built a new home, one they were excited to have photographed. They were proud and nostalgic that some of the first memories in their new home was their wedding.

It's always exciting observing the last few minutes before a bride and groom stand before friends and declare their love for one another. Jim and Cindy were no different and soon they were standing on the shores of Lake Michigan saying "I DO" to each other. 

The ceremony on the beach was followed by a fancy party under a tent on the beach. The party did not disappoint guests as they had a wonderful meal, rocking entertainment and a beautiful Lake Michigan summer sunset. 

Jim and Cindy were not only hospitable to all their wedding guests, they too were honored by their friends and family. 

Many thanks to RSVP Events for having us be a part of Jim and Cindy's wedding day.

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Location: Private Residence, Pentwater, MI
Catering: Hearthstone Catering
Event Coordinator: RSVP Events
Florist: Bradley Youngstrom
Chair & Linens: RSVP Events
Wedding Cake: Ryke's Bakery
Wedding Band: Bluewater Kings Band

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Dustin + Melissa | Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse Wedding

49 guests attended Dustin and Melissa's wedding at the Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse Villa on Gun Lake.

We met Dustin and Melissa at Jeff and Sarah's Grand Rapids wedding back in 2012 (yes, 5 years ago). Since then we have seen them off and on at other weddings we have photographed for their circle of friends. When Melissa reached out to us last year, we were obviously excited to capture their wedding day on camera and help them tell the story of their wedding day. 

They decided to rent the Boathouse Villa at Bay Pointe Inn which is a 3 story remodeled lake house directly on Gun Lake. They reserved the house for the weekend, held their rehearsal on Friday, spent the night at the house and then had their ceremony and reception on the water. Dinner and dancing followed as many of the guests were staying either at the Boathouse or at a room next door at the inn. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Location: Boathouse Villa at Bay Pointe Inn
Catering: Bay Pointe Inn
Wedding Dress & Bridal Jewelry: Renee Austin
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
Groom's Tux: Jos A Banks
Hair & Makeup: Design 1 Salon
Videographer: Khai Le
Wedding Cake: Dreamscape Desserts
Reception DJ: Prestige Sound & Entertainment

We arrived and found the guys almost ready to go for photos and Melissa helped their 4 year old daughter, Lilly, get into her flower girl dress. The details of the wedding day and the boathouse itself made for a wonderful backdrop. 

Dustin and Melissa chose to do a "first look" prior to the ceremony and we then followed the first look with photos of the wedding party around the boathouse property. 

The weather was threatening all morning, but it didn't rain and the cloud cover, as it turns out, is actually better for wedding photos than direct sunlight (especially during the middle of the day). 

Just as Melissa walked down the aisle, the sun came out for their wedding ceremony. Needless to say, it turned out to be a HOT 30 minute ceremony on Gun Lake. 

The ceremony kicked off with Lilly stealing the show as the flower girl and Dustin giving her a BIG hug for doing such a wonderful job. 

Following the ceremony we had quite an extensive list of family photos to take as Melissa and Dustin wanted to make sure all of their guests were a part of family photos. It was a quick process and they handled the family photo time like champions (as did their daughter).

Then it was time for photos around the Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse of just Dustin and Melissa. The boathouse has a TON of great locations for photos around the house and on the lake, so we made sure to take advantage of them! 

After photos with Dustin and Melissa it was time for dinner, toasts and dancing, all on the waterfront. 

Best moment of the night for Rebecca and I? 

Watching Dustin dance with his 4 year old daughter Lilly for the "father daughter dance" before Melissa danced with her father James. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Andrew + Becca | Grand Valley Wedding and Reception


What we loved most about Andrew and Becca's wedding at Grand Valley State were all the little moments between the two of them and the people they care about in their lives: their friends and family. 

What we think you'll love most about the wedding photos will be seeing what a wedding ceremony and reception at Grand Valley State in Allendale looks like.

Becca was referred to us through her hair stylist. Kristi is a former bride of ours who will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in October. She and her husband Brian were at the wedding and it was wonderful to see the two of them as well. 

After Andrew and Becca's Blanford Nature Center engagement photos last fall, we knew these two were comfortable in front of the camera and with each other. All we needed to do on their wedding day was help manage the time (we were only scheduled for 6 hours of photo time) and make sure they had all the moments captured that mattered to them. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: Grand Valley State Cook-DeWitt Center
Reception Location: Grand Valley State Alumni House
Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal Gallery
Groom's Tux: Jurgens and Holtvluwer Menswear
Hair & Makeup: Kristi Meyerholtz and Emily Grochowolski
Jewelry: Jensen Jewelers and DeVries Jewelers
Catering: Classic Fare Catering
Wedding Cake: Cakes by Sue
Reception DJ: Dream Productions

The day began with a few 'getting ready' photos at a bridesmaids home just down the road from Grand Valley State. Hair and makeup were done and Becca looked fantastic as she put on the final touches of jewelry (and eventually her dress). 

We then headed over to Grand Valley State where Becca put all the final details together of her wedding dress, Andrew and his guys posed for a few quick portraits outside (as we weren't sure what the weather was going to do later in the day) and Becca and the ladies posed for a few portraits outside the Cook-DeWitt Center. 

Becca's father walked her down the aisle and the youth pastor that introduced Andrew and Becca to one another (many years before) performed the ceremony for her two former youth group attendees. The Cook-DeWitt Center is a beautiful location with fantastic window light from one side of the room. With it's classic white walls, simple seats and raised organ, the setting is second to none for a wedding ceremony.

Following family photos, we spent a few minutes with Andrew and Becca inside the chapel and then headed outside with the entire wedding party. Grand Valley has so many options for photo locations, all we needed to do was exit the building and use the locations immediately around us on campus (including the ivy covered wall and fountain).

The evening finished at the Alumni House on Grand Valley's campus. Shane from Dream Productions was the emcee for an evening filled with fun, laughter and a wonderful meal. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

David + Amanda | Wedding at WK Kellogg Manor on Gull Lake

Here is what you're going to love about the Kellogg Manor wedding that David and Amanda planned: 

  • The light while Amanda was getting ready was perfect
  • Billiard room for guys portraits, along with a fantastic office for David - yes please! 
  • The walk down to the lake and the ceremony location is one of the best we've seen
  • Cool breeze on a warm wedding day, no bugs and the sun shining - what more could a couple ask for! 
  • The architecture and design of the house and landscaping of the property
  • The dining room was formal, but warm and inviting, like you might host Thanksgiving dinner there.

It turns out that Kellogg Manor on Gull Lake is a dream wedding venue. And they helped make David and Amanda's wedding day dreams come true by providing an amazing setting for them to become husband and wife.

We met David and Amanda through friends of another wedding from 2016, Josh and Megan who held their wedding at the Amway Grand Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids. Amanda's mother reached out to us and we put together a photo package that met their needs. 

We discovered their wedding day would be a shorter day, with ceremony and reception both at the Kellogg Manor on Gull Lake, where about 65 guests would attend their ceremony and enjoy a meal together afterward. 

We focused our photo time on David, Amanda and their 4 year old daughter Alyana, who was a joy to meet and photograph. Her sense of humor and intellect at 4 years old is beyond compare and we hope the images capture the love David and Amanda (and their extended families) have for her. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Location: WK Kellogg Manor House
Catering: WK Kellogg Manor House
Wedding Dress: Bridal Gallery
Groom's Suit: Men's Wearhouse, Grand Rapids

Getting ready, David and Amanda used upstairs bedrooms in the house. They were told to use the house as if it were their own. It gave the getting ready portion of their day an intimate feel as if they were at home.

But just a few steps downstairs and outside the front door, you are transported to a completely different location. One filled with great architecture, a home with character and a little history.

The walk down to the lake is a series of steps and a path that is perfect for the reveal of the bride to her soon to be husband. Amanda and her father enjoyed the additional few moments hiding as the ceremony was about to begin. 

The lakefront ceremony location is beautiful. Though the day was hot (above 85 degrees) the wind kept guests cool and who doesn't enjoy sitting by the lake in the summer? 

Following the ceremony we captured family portraits and then used all the landscape elements and design to create portraits of David, Amanda and the wedding party before heading back up the path to the house for dinner. 

Heading back up to the house, guests were seated in the formal dining room for cake cutting, toasts and a meal that was one of the best we've ever had in 300+ weddings. 

Dancing started just off the dining room on the porch and as David and Amanda danced together for the first time as husband and wife, their daughter joined them as well. 

The night was finished off with portraits of the wedding party near the Kellogg Manor home along with David and Amanda on the beautiful staircase inside. 

How could we not take advantage of such a beautiful location and a great couple like David and Amanda. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Dante + Ruth | Grand Rapids Wedding at The Gallery at Divani

It has been a pleasure getting to know Dante and Ruth over the past year. We were introduced to them through Ruth's father Ralph, a realtor in Grand Rapids who we have known for many years. He mentioned his daughter was getting married and wondered if we would be able to photograph her wedding day.

Unfortunately we were already booked for the date, but thankfully we have a great team of associate photographers that we could connect with them. Jason and Tara, who have worked alongside us for the past several years, photographed their wedding day, along with another photographer friend, Ed. 

Earlier in the year, Jason and Tara photographed Dante and Ruth's engagement photos from the Gerald R Ford Airport. In case you haven't seen their engagement photos, I'd recommend checking out the session as there are few times couples are able to have access to the airport like Dante and Ruth had. 

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: Neland Aveneue Christian Reformed Church
Reception Location & Catering: The Gallery at Divani
Wedding Dress: Allure, purchased at Bridal Gallery
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
Groom's Tux: Dunhill Tuxedo
Hair & Makeup: Abby Heitz at Jeffrey Richard Salon
Flowers: Horrocks
Wedding Cake: Connie's Cakes

The day began at Neland Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids where Dante and Ruth both got ready, had a beautiful first look before the ceremony, followed by time for portraits before becoming husband and wife.

One of our favorite parts of their ceremony was Ruth's father, Ralph, a former pastor, was able to serve them communion during their wedding ceremony. It's special touches like this that make each and every ceremony and wedding day unique. 

Following the ceremony Dante and Ruth held a private foot washing ceremony to symbolize their commitment to one another. As the first thing after their ceremony, it displays their willingness to serve one another as husband and wife.

After the foot washing ceremony and family portraits, Jason and Ed whisked the wedding party to downtown Grand Rapids.

The first stop was the JW Marriott where the rain could not hinder wedding party portraits. Using the fantastic staircase as the backdrop, the wedding party, along with Dante and Ruth look amazing.

The next few stops were part of the Downtown Skywalk in where everyone could continue to stay dry. 

Then it was a quick hop back in the limo with a final stop at Rosa Parks Circle where the rain had left a wonderful layer of water on the urban space which Jason and Ed used for a few great portraits while the rain came down ever so lightly. 

The evening ended with a celebration at The Gallery at Bar Divani in downtown Grand Rapids. The Gallery is a tucked away hidden gem in downtown Grand Rapids for events less than 80 guests for sit down dinner. The exposed brick and large windows provide a welcoming environment and the meal and cake, provided by Bar Divani, are always wonderful.

The evening ended with toasts, dinner and time to mix and mingle with their wedding guests.

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Ken + Mallory | East Grand Rapids Engagement Photos

East Grand Rapids engagement photos with Ken & Mallory

East Grand Rapids engagement photos with Ken & Mallory

It's crazy to think we were there when these two met for the first time. Actually, my wife was the one that introduced them to one another.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but we knew both Ken and Mallory independently for the last couple of years. While talking to Ken at a networking event about his relationship status, my wife just happened to ask, "So Ken, what are you looking for in a woman?" 

Ken says now that he listed off all the things he wanted in a wife because he didn't think that she was out there.

As the list of what he was looking for continued, my wife was checking off in her mind all the things that Mallory was as a single woman. 

Once he finished, my wife responded with, "Well that's a great list Ken and it's awesome that you know what you want. Have you met Mallory yet?" 

She was at the same networking event and the met for the first time. And they say the rest is history. Fast forward a year and these two are engaged and planning a Caberfae wedding in October.

(Come to think of it, perhaps my wife should become a dating consultant in Grand Rapids. This is the 4th couple she's setup that are now married, the other 3 all have children as well. Thoughts?)

If you're looking for great locations for engagement photos, a stroll through downtown East Grand Rapids is a great place to start.

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Andrew + Megan | Grand Rapids Wedding at Cascade Christian Church

Andrew and Megan are two of our great friends.

We have known Megan for 8 years, first while she was a college student, then as a young professional and now as a married woman. 

Through her journey she and my wife Rebecca have become dear friends and when she met Andrew, we knew she had found the one she was to marry. 

In case you are not familiar with their proposal, perhaps you should check out how Andrew proposed at the Ada Covered Bridge in October 2016. 

During their engagement, they sent us questions about their wedding day plans. We were happy to answer to the best of our ability. 

Then came the wedding day. 

These two have been one of the best examples we have seen of honoring God with their relationship. We were humbled how God was the center of their wedding day from the pre-ceremony plans, the ceremony itself to the party afterward at Noto's.

Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Location: The Chapel at Cascade Christian Church
Reception Location, Catering & Cake: Noto's Old World Italian Dining
Bride's Dress: David's Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Heidi Christine's Salon and Spa
Flowers & Boutineers: Forrester Farm
DJ: Stacey with Dream Productions

The day began at Heidi Christine's Salon and Spa where Megan (and her 6 bridesmaids) had their hair and makeup done by a wonderful team of stylists.

They then headed to Cascade Christian Church where they enjoyed a low-key lunch, got into their wedding day attire and had a first look as "soon to be husband and wife" before the ceremony.

Megan and Andrew exchanged letters just prior to seeing one another and then Megan had the blessing to see her dad as well. Both moments were extremely emotional (to say the least) and because these two saw each other and arranged for photo time prior to there ceremony, by the time the ceremony happened, it was all down hill from there. They were able to enjoy time with their friends and family. 

Their ceremony was held in the original Chapel at Cascade Christian Church, which, as you will see below, might become my new favorite small ceremony venue. 

Two special parts of their wedding day were the participation of their service dogs. Megan is deaf and has Blarney as her service dog. Andrew has limited vision and Delass is his service dog. Both were walked down the aisle and served as "comedic relief" for the ceremony as no one was sure if they would behave as planned (they of course did, they're service dogs after all). 

The second was the getaway vehicle, a classic red Mercedes coupe. The vehicle was purchased and restored by Andrew's grandfather and has been in the family for quite some time. The fact they were able to head out in the car was a unique moment of their wedding day. 

For the reception guests headed to Noto's Old World where the upstairs ballroom served as the venue for cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. 

As always, Noto's served a wonderful meal and cupcakes and entertainment for the night was provided by our great friend Stacey from Dream Productions provided music for the night of dancing and fun. 

Andrew and Megan had an early dinner (around 6pm) and because of that, decided to exit the party early with a sendoff around 9pm. Guests enjoyed dancing following their official sendoff, while Megan and Andrew were able to enjoy an early evening (rather than a midnight or 1am hotel arrival time). 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.