Our “Personal Section” is titled “Tiny Living in a Big Way” because in September 2015 we moved into what would be considered a “Tiny Space” in downtown Grand Rapids. It is a 540 square foot fully furnished apartment at The Morton. The space was built by Rockford Construction and designed by Urbaneer, who has a tag line of “Spaces That Live Larger.”

If you’d like to learn the WHY of our move, be sure to check out the first post from our Tiny Living journey in downtown Grand Rapids. In the meantime, we are documenting our favorite parts of #tinyliving and #urbanliving via Instagram and you will find our favorite parts in the photo feed below.

In addition, we have posted below about our travel boondoggles (both near and far), a few stories about photographing our own family and other stories that are personal to us in the Grand Rapids area.