Local First Member Mixer | Uptown Kitchen + Trillium Haven

Local First is a business networking organization in West Michigan that came on the scene a handful of years ago. If you're not familiar with who they are as an organization, you're probably familiar with their logo and the "Buy Local First" campaign.

Local First Grand Rapids Logo

They are an organization that we enjoy supporting and throughout the year they hold "Member Mixer" events at local businesses in West Michigan. This past month was a chance to visit Uptown Kitchen in Eastown and eat great food from Trillium Haven Restaurant.

Uptown Kitchen and its founder, Kelly LeCoy, provides affordable commercial kitchen space, assistance, and access to market opportunities for small food-based businesses It’s a perfect spot for everything food related… growing your business, throwing a party, even making that big batch of salsa, jam or holiday cookies!

Trillium Haven Restaurant was recently named the Grand Rapids Magazine Best New Restaurant for 2012. Their traditional "farm to table" approach creates a unique dining experience for patrons.

From my experience, every time I arrive at a Local First event, I know I'm going to have a great time and meet some very interesting people that will help my business in some way, shape or form right here in West Michigan.