Head Shot Studio For Conferences | Grand Rapids Portrait Photography


We believe the head shot you display online is as significant as your handshake. You want a head shot you can be proud to display to the world. 

Perhaps you are hosting 250, 500, 1000, 3000+ people at your event or convention in Grand Rapids.

Perhaps your holding a 3 hour event. Maybe it’s a 3 day event.

Whatever the situation is, you are hoping to make a lasting impression on the people that attend. You want attendees to have a memorable experience.

What is one thing your attendees all need? New photos for their online profiles.

Imagine you can connect with attendees while at your event AND connect with them one on one AFTER the event by delivering a new portrait they will love?!?

That is what having the "Head Shot Studio" at your event will do.


How does it work? 

  1. We help you choose the amount of time you need Head Shot Studio for
  2. We bring backdrop(s), photographer(s), hair and makeup artist
  3. Attendees have their portrait taken anytime we are at your event for NO CHARGE
  4. Our artist provides touch ups for hair and makeup (everyone wants to look their best)
  5. Our photographer helps your attendee look and feel confident during their session
  6. We provide digital touch ups of the best image for each person
  7. We provide high resolution images of each attendee that you can send to them directly
  8. Attendees love their new portrait, post it online and tell everyone they know about how great an experience it was

Our goal with Head Shot Studio is to provide you with a simple process for new portraits all while creating a hassle free experience for both attendees and your team. 

Interested in having Head Shot Studio at your event or convention?

We make it easy to provide your attendees a portrait of confidence they can share with their professional circles and beyond. 

The first step is to send over the what, when and where of your event (and yes we travel as well). 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Jaguar Car Launch | Grand Rapids Event Photography


What do you do when you have a new product coming out? 

Host a party for your friends and ask them to invite their friends of course!

And that is exactly what The Sharpe Collection did! They hosted a party to unveil the new E-PACE SUV, the compact performance SUV. 

Consider the benefits of hosting an in-person event like this for a product launch:

  • You invite past customers out to see the latest product
  • You encourage past customers to bring their friends and family
  • You shake hands with everyone and have "face to face time"
  • People who are excited about your brand get to "experience" the new product before anyone else

Dozens of people were able to jump in the drivers seat of the new Jaguar E-PACE and feel for themselves what a compact performance SUV feels like. 

In addition, they shook hands with General Manager George Sharpe, Jr. and ask questions about the new product on their dealership floor.

Are you hosting an event or product launch in the next month or year? 

Have you considered how photography can help tell the story of your new product or program?

The Sharpe Collection understands that custom photography from a launch event gives them another way to connect with customers during the event.

Having a photographer on your team during a product roll out becomes a great way to not only  document the excitement of the latest product launch, it's also a way for the sales team to follow up in the weeks that follow. 

If you're in need of event photography, be sure to contact us and see how our photo services can help you capture your launch AND extend the reach of your photos beyond the end of the night.

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Business + Convention Photography in Grand Rapids | Behind the Scenes


You're hosting an event. Perhaps it's just an evening event. Perhaps it's a multi-day event.

You've been thinking, "I wonder if I should have someone take photos or video during the event..." but you're not sure what that would actually look like or how it would turn out (let's be honest, you can just take some photos with your iPhone, right?).

You're curious but need more information about what it's like working with a photo and video team.

Having photographed hundreds of events and worked with organizations from across the country, we wanted to make it simple for you to see what it would be like to work with us.

Why is having photo and video of your event so important?

During (and after) you're serving 4 distinct groups of people with the experience you're creating (and having photographed and filmed):


Attendees want something to share with the world about the event they've enjoyed. Yes, they will take photos with their phone, that’s a given. But what if you asked, "How can I give attendees great content that they will want to share?" They are ready to share their insights, you're providing them the visuals. 



Sponsors want to see what the event was like (and if it’s worth it for them to recommit to next year). What if you asked the question, "Can I create custom content for sponsors they can share with their own audiences once the event is over?" Make it simple for them to talk about the event they sponsored. 


Future Attendees and Sponsors

Next years attendees and sponsors should also be considered. If you had 500 attendees this year and your event was great, creating a “buzz” as being one of the “you can’t miss the next one…” type events means attendance and sponsorship goes up for the following year. (Imagine increasing attendance and sponsorship by 10% year over year)

Traditional Media Outlets

Following the event, some of your award winners may want to send out a press release to their local market. Some may want to update their Linkedin profile with details of their award. Some of your presenters may be looking for more opportunities to speak and will use the images you provide.

Imagine for a second just a handful of your attendees and speakers use the images and video you provide. How excited do you think they will be for next years event? 

This is a way to create raving fans of your event and organization. 

The ACG Great Lakes Capital Connection was hosted by ACG Western Michigan. It was a tremendous success, breaking records for attendance and sponsorship.

From keynote speakers like Michigan State University Basketball Coach Tom Izzo, Amway CEO Doug DeVos and Wolverine World Wide CEO Blake Krueger to award presentations and panels, this 2 day convention had something for every attendee. 

The gallery below is just a small sample of what attendees experienced. 

In need of photography for your upcoming business convention or event? Be sure to contact us so we can find out how we can best serve you and your event.

That being said, most businesses and organizations coming into the area will have a need for photography and video services.

We love working with event planners and organizers who are willing to try new things in order to make their event better for their attendees. 

If you're in need of event photography, be sure to contact us and see how our photo services can help you capture the event you're planning AND extend the reach of your photos beyond the end of your conference. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

One Simple Way to Make Your Award Ceremony Better | Grand Rapids Event Photography

If you're someone who is PLANNING an event (large or small), your guests will thank you for the tip I'm about to share with you. If you're someone who has been to a business event with an award ceremony, you should share this post with the person planning the event. 


Picture this: You're headed to an event where awards will be given out and people are going to be honored. Perhaps it's a lunch at the Amway Grand Plaza or perhaps it's a dinner at Frederik Meijer Gardens

The room is packed and the program begins. This is typically where I come in. 

I photograph the speakers on stage and then it's time for the awards presentation. 

Winners are announced and come up to stage. They receive their award and then the moment happens. That awkward moment where the photographer gives direction, takes a few photos and everyone waits 30 to 60 seconds with nothing going on. 

The scene is awkward for the award recipient (who is not comfortable on stage), the presenter (they lose the flow of the event) and the audience who endures the moment. 

Everyone has experienced this moment in some way. 

Today I want to share with you the best way to make your award ceremony more enjoyable for everyone involved AND have better photos to share with your winners following the event. 


The organizer for this event wanted to get away from the traditional 'grip and grin' photos from stage. She asked, "What if we had a spot off stage that you could photograph each winner with the presenter along with some event signage?" 

I thought, "Sure, that sounds like a good idea..." 

From a logistics stand point I needed to determine: 1) where will the photos take place, 2) how is the winner going to make their way over to the photo area and 3) what kind of lighting gear will I need to take great portraits?

The event organizer chose a location just OUTSIDE of the main ballroom. This meant winners would come offstage after they received their award and have a private moment with the me, the photographer, for their portrait. 

The event organizer had a staff member just off stage to escort the winners and presenter to the photo area outside of the main ballroom. This ensured no one was forgotten for photos (or lost along the way). 

So perhaps you've seen photos of award winners on stage shaking hands with the presenter and thought "That's not a great photo of the person receiving an award...". We were able to capture that moment AND create an image the winners will be proud of. 

In addition to better photos, this process also gave event organizers an added 30 to 60 seconds per award. They didn't have to wait for a photographer to capture a photo and the emcee could go on to the next award and kept the flow of the event.

This particular event had 14 awards in total, so imagine how happy the planner was saving 14 minutes of event time during this portion of the day!

The audience may not have known the planner saved the event at least 14 minutes, but we did hear after the lunch event, "The awards seemed to go really fast today. We are done so early..."

How often does an event end early?


Now that the award ceremony was going smoothly (and quickly), it was up to me to create portraits that looked better than what could be captured on stage. 

With black pipe and drape for the backdrop, we added event signage to trademark the images. Each winner was photographed both individually and with the presenter of the award. 

Think about this for a moment. We provided an image to the winner they would be proud to share AND we created an image the SPONSOR will be excited to share as well! 

From the winner's perspective, a photo of just themselves allows them to share the image on social media and within their organization. From the sponsor's perspective, they can share the image, talk about who won the award and create more awareness for their brand (one of the major reasons for sponsoring the award in general). 

This is a simple way to adjust the award ceremony photo process, but one that proved more effective for the event planner, the award winners and the audience attending the event.

We love working with event planners and organizers who are willing to try new things in order to make their event better for their attendees. 

If you're in need of event photography, be sure to contact us and see how our photo services can help you capture the event you're planning AND extend the reach of your photos beyond the end of your conference. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith | Celebrity Photo Shoot with WCSG (with Behind the Scenes...)


This post will be of interest to you if any of these things are true:

1) You are fans of Amy Grant or Michael W. Smith

2) You are interested in what a styled photo shoot looks like

3) You are interested in how we approach photo projects for business clients. 

In case you're not familiar with our work, we photograph brides and businesses. Families are something we typically refer out to other photographers in the area. 

But when the #1 local Christian radio station called with a project for a local family, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, we said we were excited to work with them.

WCSG held a contest to find a family who wanted a "Christmas photo shoot" with Amy and Micheal prior to their Grand Rapids tour stop.

Working with WCSG, we approached the photo session as though it were a business project they would use for advertising and promotion in the future. 

Things we were going to need: Location, Set Design, Styling and Wardrobe. 

I worked with several great people to pull this together for WCSG and without their help it wouldn't have been possible. 

Location, Set Design & Styling

We were given a 7:00 - 7:15pm time slot with Amy and Michael at the Van Andel Arena. Knowing the public would be in the arena taking their seats for a 7:30pm show we knew setup and shoot would have to happen backstage. 

That meant everything needed to be brought into the backstage area to make the shoot look great.

I called a friend who has great style and loves design, Heather from House of Haveman.  After talking about the project, the budget provided by WCSG and the scope of the Sunday evening shoot, she decided to work with us on the project! 

During the next 6 weeks Heather decided on a shiplap wall (that she had to have built), garland strung across the backdrop wall, a simple black bench for seating, several outdoor tins filled with a small Christmas tree and firewood and a few accessories to match. 

One of the curveballs I threw at her was the fact that all of this had to be transported down to the Van Andel Arena, loaded inside, setup, decorated and ready to go at least 1 hour before the 7pm shoot time.

As Heather says, so many of her ideas would not come to life without the help of her husband Josh, it was with his help (and her brother in law Kevin, who is a master woodworker) that the backdrop and set was built and made its way to the arena. 

**Design & Styling Tip -- Go follow Heather on Instagram, House of Haveman. She shares her thinking about design and her favorite tips on a regular basis.


With location, set design and styling taken care of by Heather, she connected me with Renee Hogoboom. 

Renee is the manager at the local JCrew Factory Store at Tanger Outlet. She is also a personal shopper and stylist with a background in fashion and merchandising from the west coast.

Renee was able to meet with the winning family prior to the photo shoot and spent time helping them choose wardrobe that would work with the set design and overall theme. 

To say that Renee has good taste when it comes to fashion is an understatement. Her assistance and expertise made the project that much better!


The family arrived about 30 minutes prior to shoot time.

Renee and tour management had a private dressing room ready to go for their change into wardrobe. 

**Wardrobe Tip -- Reach out to Renee on Instagram if you're planning a photo shoot. Not only did she make the family look great, she also made sure no one asked the question, "What am I going to wear for the photo shoot!?!"

Then it was time for a few test shots to get everyone looking great. 


Then it was time for the winning family's photo shoot. The Kik family told us they hadn't had family photos taken since their daughter was in Kindergarten. With dad running a successful business and girls active year round, family photos has been something that simply got away from them. 

With a beautiful backdrop and set design, we spent the next 30-40 minutes getting them comfortable in front of the camera, getting to know them and capturing some unforgettable moments (and this was all before Michael and Amy arrived). 

Just before 7pm, we gave the family a few minute break from the camera. As you can see from above, we had a great time working with the entire family. 

Then Amy and Michael arrived! They greeted the family and being the professionals they are, knew it was time for photos. 

We knew we would have them for only a few minutes as the show was about to start. We planned on two specific poses with Amy and Michael, one where they were standing and one with them sitting by the two daughters. 

With lighting set and ready to go and excited group of 6, we created a couple of timeless portraits for the family.

Following the two setups and knowing Amy and Michael had about 2 more minutes with us, they took a moment and recorded a special video with the daughter's. 

It was a moment that showed Amy and Michael going above and beyond for the winners (and now fans for life). 

The staff at WCSG, along with my team of Rebecca, Heather (and Josh), Kevin (and his wife Hillary), Renee and fellow photographer Aimee (along with her husband Wes) made this project one we will never forget. 

That being said, we wanted to make sure and capture additional portraits of each of the people that helped us on the project (Renee, you were busy getting everyone dressed and looking great, so sorry about that). 

This photo shoot went above and beyond the "normal" family photo session, but WCSG's result from this shoot is as follows (so far): 

Facebook: 323 likes, 29 comments and 2 shares (regular is about 50-100 likes)
Instagram: 95 likes (regular is about 25-50 likes)
Winning Family: Fans for Life & Unparalleled Experience

This shoot helped drive interest in the event prior to the concert with Amy and Michael AND gave the on air staff something to talk about and promote following the event. 

If you're interested in tackling an interesting photo project that goes above and beyond serving one of your customers, please let me know. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Business Portraits In Your Office | West Michigan Partnership for Children


Why do people not have an updated professional portrait?

In my opinion, having a great business portrait is the equivalent of having a great handshake and smile. If you have a bad handshake, what does that say to someone you meet for the first time?

The same goes for your business portrait.

Based on my time in the business community, NOT having a new portrait is blamed on one of three things: 

1) They don't know who to call or talk to about a new portrait

2) They don't like the hassle of having to go somewhere to have a portrait taken

3) They don't like their photograph taken

If one of those reasons rang true in your mind, then rest assured, you've come to the right place. We are here to help solve all three for you, just like we did for West Michigan Partnership for Children, a new organization piloting an innovative foster care model to create better futures for children.

I was contacted by the COO who was inquiring about portraits for the team. This solved problem #1, not knowing who to call. The COO and I had previously worked together when I took her portrait in 2016 at an event. She and I had worked together in the past and that is how the project began - with a previous relationship.

(In case you were wondering, we may not have met face to face, but if you're reading this, you now have someone you can reach out to and contact about business portraits. Just letting you know)


Problem number #2 is most people don't want to take the time to bring outfits with them to work, leave at a specific time, drive to a studio, have their portrait taken in an uncomfortable environment, drive back to the office, etc. All of that takes time away from what you're supposed to be doing during the day. 

To solve problem #2 we come directly to your office. With WMPC I arrived at their office, setup everything that was needed for portraits and in 20 minutes was ready to go. The staff simply had to leave their desk for 10 minutes, have a portrait taken and head back to work. On average, I plan on 4 to 6 portraits in a single hour of photo time. 


Problem #3, not liking how you look when you're photographed is something I hear all the time. 

My response? 

"If you haven't liked your photos in the past it's because you haven't hired a good photographer..." 

I believe a photographer's job is not limited to setting up lighting gear and taking a picture, it's my job to help you have confidence in front of the camera and walk away feeling better about yourself. 

Confidence is what looks great on camera. Not clothing, not hair, not makeup (though that does certainly help), but in the end, your confidence in during a photo shoot is what makes (or breaks) the image.

My job is to help you feel comfortable, give you confidence as you sit for your portrait and help you enjoy the experience. That way, when you see your finished portrait, it brings up positive memories (and not negative ones). 


In the end, not only were we able to create portraits for the staff, we even had time for a group photo (one they could be proud of).

The photos have since been used on the "About Us" page of their website and for press releases announcing the opening of the new organization

If you're in need of new portraits for your business, whether you have a staff of 3 or 300, we are able to accommodate your business portrait needs. Be sure to reach out to us about your photo needs.

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Conference Photography in Grand Rapids | Fusion Academy's EPIC! Awards


Fusion Academy is a revolutionary way to "school" and their annual conference celebrating the success of their team is revolutionary as well. In 2016 we worked with Fusion for the first time during one of their evening events. In 2017 they planned more events and had us attend more of their conference than ever before! 

Fusion's home office is in Grand Rapids and their annual conference is filled with social events, keynotes, small group workshops and a whole lot of fun. Fusion knows how to take care of their "Fusionites" when they visit. 

Fusion planned a 3 day event and we photographed two of the evening events and one day session. This meant we captured a relaxed evening at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, their formal award reception the following day session both at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. 

So why does this matter to you? 

To give you perspective on the event you're planning right now (if you're reading this, I'm assuming you're planning some kind of event...)

Perhaps you're planning a one day, two day or three day conference in Grand Rapids and you're deciding whether you should have a professional photographer for your event.

If you're hosting an event, if people are paying registration fees, if businesses are investing in your sponsorship packages, then yes, having a professional photographer is the best option for your group. 

If you're curious, explore the images below or you can find out what it was like for Chase Plastics to have a photographer with them during their weekend retreat in Grand Rapids with their entire company.

We would love to work with you and your team to capture the same kind of energy and fun that Fusion had during their 3 days in Grand Rapids!

Video Production and Photography | Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park


Are you searching for a meaningful way to tell customers what you are about? If you are (and I hope you are), let me suggest that video may be the best way to reach them.

We have been working with Treetop Adventure Park in Grand Rapids to convey to customers what they are all about. 

Treetop Adventure Park is a new addition to the list of "Things to Do" in Grand Rapids (currently ranked #3 thing to do in GR).

After photographing a large group at their business in June as part of a business weekend retreat, I followed up with management to see if they'd considered hiring a professional photo and video team to tell their story. 

Timing turned out to be perfect as they were in the process of having both photo and video put together for their business.

During our meeting we asked the basic question, "Why do you think you need video? What purpose does it serve to hire us to shoot a video about your park?" We established a few different pieces of content they were explaining over and over again to people calling or emailing their office:

  1. What can I do in your park? 
  2. I have a group from work that is looking to do team building, do you offer that? 
  3. Are you open after dark? 

Originally the team at Treetop Adventure Park thought one video that was about 90 seconds in length would be the best way to go.

However after listening to them describe the "sticking points" of their business, it became clear that three separate videos would be the best solution. 

The videos would answer the above questions and feature the people they are hoping to attract to their park.

For the filming and editing portion of the project I brought in Mitch Pater, a Grand Rapids filmmaker who has a knack for the "outdoors" and "adventure".  


First question, "What can I do in your park?" 

A shorter 45 second video was put together that combined ground level video, drone video and video shot "up in the trees" with Mitch tied into their safety system and on the course with the video subjects. 

From what I can find online, between Facebook and YouTube, this video has at least 12,000 views, all of which are targeted in the West Michigan area. 

Second question, "I have a group from work that is looking to do team building, do you offer that?"

The team building experience at Treetop Adventure Park is something that was pioneered by the management staff in Grand Rapids. After a few calls last season about 'team building', they went to work on creating an experience that facilitates team work, communication and problem solving (all while having fun). 


Since most people have never been in a treetop park, the video was aimed at showing off the park and also what a team building experience will be like. 

This video was also created to be an aid for the sales staff to better explain what it's like being up in the trees. 

Third question, "Are you open after dark?"

The answer to that question is YES and we created a video for the sales team to use as they talk about "Glow Night" in the trees. 

The park has installed LED rope lighting throughout the park that light up the park in a way that makes the experience different than someone visiting during the day. 


So what does this mean for you, the reader?

First of all you should contact Treetop Adventure Park and tell them I sent you.

Second, note that video (along with content for your business) should do three things:

  1. Increase the awareness of your brand
  2. Allow the viewer to "feel" what it's like to work with you
  3. Encourage the viewer to connect with you

With all three videos, Treetop Adventure Park in Grand Rapids now has content they'll be able to use over and over again as they talk to individuals and groups about what it's like to be "up in the trees." 

Do you have questions that you're asked over and over again in your business? If so, perhaps video is the solution you've needed but for some reason haven't pulled the trigger yet.

I would love the chance to have a conversation with you about the "sticking points" of your business and see what kind of solutions we can create together. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Black Tie Gala Photography | Saint Mary's Foundation Gala


Non-profit organizations hosting black tie galas is not a new thing in the world of fundraising. The what, where and how non-profits host galas is another story though. 

And the Saint Mary's Foundation continues to take their annual black tie Gala up a notch year after year. 

This years event was hosted at the Harris Building in downtown Grand Rapids where guests were treated to valet parking provided by Ellis Valet Parking and upon entering learned there was 3 levels to the annual gala. 

The theme for this years Gala was "Soul" and it was on display throughout the Harris Building. The black tie gala benefited the Heartside Health Center, a mission clinic of Mercy Health.

The army of volunteers helped guests find their way to the multiple food stations on multiple floors and in the process, people mixed and mingled their way around the facility.

Guests of the Gala all eventually make their way to the dance floor. The band at this years gala kept the floor full for almost the entire evening. 

If you're looking to have a great time and support a wonderful cause that affects families in the downtown Grand Rapids area, be sure to check out the Saint Mary's Foundation events page

And maybe we will see you at their next event! 

If your business or organization is hosting an event, don't let that event pass without telling the story. Send an email or use the Book Us link below to reach out. 

We love collaborating with organizations like Saint Mary's Foundation, who continues to provide value to Grand Rapids communities through their health systems. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Event Photography For World Record Attempt | MINI on the Mack 2017


If you were asked to be part of a world record attempt, would you get excited? 

That's exactly what happened when MINI of Grand Rapids asked us to photograph the MINI on the Mack 2017 World Record attempt in St. Ignace, Michigan. 

"Records were made to be broken" read a shirt from a MINI owner. 

You probably recognize the name MINI Cooper. You may have even seen a MINI as you drive around your town. 

You may have even thought to yourself, "They're SOOOO cute! I'd like one, but don't know if it's the right car for me..." 

As a company, MINI is owned by BMW which means the cars are extremely well designed and have horsepower like no other. 

If you've never driven a MINI Cooper, I highly recommend you try it (visit Shaun Waid at MINI of Grand Rapids). 

Beginning early Saturday morning, MINI Coopers from around North America began showing up in St. Ignace, Michigan on the north side of the Mackinaw Bridge.

Then more came. Then even more. They arrived and picked up their MINI swag. 

MINI owners love swag for their car. Stickers, decals, hats, t-shirts. You name it, it was available. 

MINI owners can be summarized by the statement: "Fiercely Independent".  Each of their vehicles is painted, detailed, customized to the owners personal style and taste. 

We even found a MINI towing a scooter and a MINI customized to look like an "El Camino" and was appropriately called a "El CaMINI".

As more and more cars arrived, the energy continued to grow. When new cars arrived it was like attending a car show. Everyone wanted to see how other MINI owners had customized their car. 

The venue was a sea of red t-shirts and the event was a family friendly affair. Parents brought their kids, friends brought other friends and they were all there to break the world record and head out for a drive across the Mackinaw Bridge.

Cars were lined up and arranged so they could be tallied for the official world record attempt.

Once the count was done, the MINI Cooper Rally was on! The rally headed south and crossed the Mackinaw Bridge twice on it's route. 

With a world record attempt underway, spectators turned up all around to watch the MINI Rally cross the Mackinaw Bridge not once, but twice! 

Some spectators stayed in one location to watch the parade of MINIs pass, but we traveled to several different locations on both the north and south side of the bridge to capture images. 

The rally distance was 44 miles from beginning to end. With so many MINIs together for the world record attempt, as cars turned around at the south end of the rally, other cars were just entering the highway 20 miles to the north. 

Yes, that's right, MINI Coopers were driving along I-75 in a line for over 20 miles! (That's what it takes to break a world record)

Following the rally, MINI owners and their guests were welcomed back to the event venue with lunch as they awaited the news of whether the world record had been broken. 

Feeding 3000 attendees is not an easy task and the City of St. Ignace did a great job managing the MINI on the Mack event. 

With anticipation folks waited to hear whether they were part of a new world record. 

George Sharpe Jr, General Manager of MINI of Grand Rapids took to the microphone to let the world know that they had fallen 123 MINIs short of breaking the world record. 

While the 2017 event did not break the world record, the MINI community is determined to break the record in 2019. 

Many thanks to MINI of Grand Rapids for hosting the event, Van Andel Institute's Purple Community for being a wonderful charity partner, St. Ignace community for being welcoming and to every single MINI owner who showed up in hopes of being part of a record.

Want to see the complete gallery of images?
You can find them on Facebook, just click here.

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Business Photography in Holland | Reader's World Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

Having a degree in History means I read a lot in college. I read even more now. 

To say I'm a sucker for books is an understatement. 

That's why I was excited to work with Reader's World in Holland, MI and Local First to create portraits that featured the family who has owned the business the past 50 years and some of their favorite customers. Reader's World was founded in 1967 by current owner Lisa Hungerink's Grandfather, Chris DeVries, and her parents, Bob and Laurie Hungerink. 

(You might also be interested in our collaboration with Local First for The Cottage Bar's 90th Anniversary in Grand Rapids earlier this year as well...)

To begin the project, I connected with Lisa at her bookstore in Holland. She told me stories about growing up in the store and watching newspapers fly off the shelves every single day (since they were open 9am to 9pm, 365 days a year) and getting to know customers by name (and then their children's names). 

While the book world certainly has changed, Reader's World still offers a great selection of books and Lisa is extremely proud of the magazine selection they have to offer their customers. 

With those two ideas in mind, I came up with the idea of shooting a simple portrait of Lisa, doing what's done since she was a child, putting books on the shelf and taking them down. 

Next, Lisa invited some of her best and brightest customers to the store for our time together. Isabella and Adrian Cooney, brother and sister from the Holland area, are regulars with their parents to the store.

During their time in the store, I only took photos of each of them for about 10 minutes, but they hung around begging their dad for another book to read for the summer. Dad's response: "You already reached your new book allotment for the month..." 


Lisa also invited one her regular magazine customers, Mark Roth to the store for the shoot. Mark told me tales about Lisa pulling out specific magazines while he wasn't there, putting them in a stack and then telling him she had new things for him to browse. 

I could tell that Lisa really knew what Mark wanted to get out of the magazines he purchased (he's a product engineer and is looking for visual and mechanical inspiration for new products at work and at home). 

If your business has a milestone celebration or simply needs someone to tell your story in a visual way (photo or video), please let me know. Send an email or use the Book Us link below to reach out. 

We love collaborating with business owners, like Reader's World and organizations, like Local First, to brainstorm new and exciting ways to tell you about businesses that everyone should be visiting! 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Business Weekend Retreat in Grand Rapids | Chase Plastics Celebrates 25 Years

More and more events, conventions and businesses are visiting Grand Rapids.

You're planning hotel rooms, events, dinners and all kinds of other experiences for your team.

How are you going to remember it?

Are you going to rely on your iPhone skills to grab photos when you have the urge to take a picture or two?

Or perhaps it makes more sense to have a professional photographer do what they do best - capture the moments that most people miss.

Chase Plastics, a distribution company based in Michigan, recently brought all of their employees to Grand Rapids for a weekend team building retreat.

What does a weekend retreat look like when you have a professional photographer with you? 

Bloody Mary Scavenger Hunt at The Downtown Market

The Grand Rapids' Downtown Market is a collection of retailers, restaurants and an event space where Chase Plastics gather to open it's weekend in Grand Rapids.

The first event was a game to break the ice for the weekend. 

Teams had to make "the perfect bloody mary" using only items sold at the Downtown Market. 

Chaos ensued while items (both strange and tasteful) were chosen by teams. 

With a time limit of 20 minutes, teams made their way through the market and came back up to the banquet hall to finalize their cocktails.  

Kevin and his wife Carole made their way around the room scoring the bloody mary's as they went.

Teams were creative and "thought outside the box".

Cookies, a full herring and grilled cheese somehow ended up in drinks hoping the humor of the ingredients would endear the team to the judges. 

Reactions to the different cocktails ranged from "That's interesting, can I have a glass of water..."  to "Who doesn't want a grilled cheese sandwich in their bloody mary..."

Dinner at Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo

After a winner was announced, the Chase Plastics team was transferred via private shuttle to the Bissell Tree House, one of our favorite locations for events in Grand Rapids.

Who doesn't want to have a view of downtown Grand Rapids for dinner and have the chance to experience live animals while you do it? 

With a wrap around deck and outside bar, the evening was interactive and fun for everyone in attendance.

Eventually, to make the event tax deductible, a little time had to be dedicated to speeches from CEO Kevin Chase. 

Does a game of "Caption This Photo" count as part of a "business meeting" when you're meeting with your staff. 

Needless to say, the photos from the past 25 years lit the place up with laughter. 


Saturday morning the team chose between a leisurely time at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park or adventure in the trees at Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park

When in Grand Rapids, why not try something you've not done before, right? 

And why not have a photographer tag along and capture all of the funny moments that are about to occur when everyone is geared up for climbing and not really sure what they're doing on a ropes course? 

The assignment for the day was team building.

Some of the tasks even required teams to cross obstacles BLINDFOLDED (yes, they really had to walk through obstacles blindfolded)!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company, what do you do? 

Throw an exceptional party! 

And that's exactly what the Chase Plastics team did with a little help from Modern Day Floral

As always, the Pantlind Ballroom was a setting that can't be beat in the Grand Rapids area when it comes to elegance.

Needless to say, no one will forget this party.

Every party has their "VIPs" and though the Chase family was throwing the party for it's team, they too were guests of honor on Saturday evening. 

When large scale parties are planned, the VIPs are the ones that we follow and pay close attention to as they interact with other guests. 

How does any exceptional party end? With music and dancing of course!

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Detroit based country singer Gary Garris.

Even the CEO Kevin and his team got out on the dance floor and tore up the dance floor! 

So how did Kathryn, who is not based in the Grand Rapids area plan all of these different events for her group of over 100 people? 

She said she was able to do it with a lot of research, help from the vendors she hired and the team at Experience Grand Rapids, who helped her make arrangements for hotel rooms, ballrooms, transportation and more.

Experience Grand Rapids' services are free to anyone coming into the West Michigan area and I would highly recommend reaching out to their fantastic team to ask for help. 

Being a part of the Chase Plastics 25th Anniversary weekend was a blessing. The culture they have as a company, one of empathy, love and kindness radiates through every person we met over the weekend.

As I said at the beginning of the post, instead of relying on your iPhone photo skills, hire a professional photographer to accompany your group event while in Grand Rapids.

Your life will be easier while you're in town, your team will thank you for it and who knows, perhaps you can use the story of your team building retreat as a way to create some "free media" after you return to normal operations.

If you're looking for photography for your business, whether that is event or marketing related, be sure to reach out to us. We love working with clients who are in the early stages of thinking through "what can we do that will be most effective?". 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Grand Rapids | Business Portraits on Location

Over the past few years Tropical Smoothie Cafe's have been showing up across the United States. In 2016 they opened their 500th store. They have a goal of 1,000 stores by 2020. 

A large part of the growth in Michigan is because of the hard work and dedication by Craig and Dianne LeMieux. The LeMieux's are the franchise developers for Michigan, Colorado & Northern Ohio. Since their journey with Tropical Smoothie Cafe began (just over a decade ago), the LeMieux's have helped open 58 locations and have another 39 cafes in development. 

They were featured in a recent article for Franchising.com and called in need of updated portraits. The magazine had asked for photos of the two of them together in their store and quickly realized they didn't have any recent images.

We originally Craig and Dianne when Tropical Smoothie Cafe CEO Mike Rotondo visited Grand Rapids in early 2016. The LeMieux's hosted him as he made his way around the Michigan market and met with customers. 

The portrait session was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon and images were to be delivered on Monday for the press deadline. 

We were able to create a collection of images that Craig and Dianne will be able to use far into the future as their success with Tropical Smoothie Cafe continues. 

Oh and by the way, I'd suggest you go visit one of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations in your area! 

If you're looking for photography for your business, whether that is event or marketing related, be sure to reach out to us. We love working with clients who are in the early stages of thinking through "what can we do that will be most effective?". 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Veronika Scott at ACG Detroit | Event Photography at Detroit Athletic Club

Veronika Scott is a social entrepreneur and CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based humanitarian organization.

The Empowerment Plan is the culmination of a class assignment to fill a social need. Veronika, after five months of working with a local homeless shelter, she designed a heat-trapping jacket that transforms into a warm and weather-resistant sleeping bag. At one point during her visits at the shelter, Veronika was approached by a woman who stated that "We don't need coats. We need jobs."

The Empowerment Plan is the organization created to hire and train homeless mothers to make the coats.

The mission is: "Our goal is to help build a better life for those that have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness. We mostly hire homeless parents from local shelters to become full time seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and gain back their independence for themselves and for their families."

ACG Detroit had her come and speak to the "Women's Forum" which encourages networking and camaraderie among middle market female professionals in Southeast Michigan. 

The Detroit Athletic Club was the location of the event and as always, provided a wonderful meal, great service and an outstanding atmosphere. 

If you're interested in what The Empowerment Plan is doing in Detroit, here is a short video to help you see and hear about the impact they are making.

They needed protection from the elements AND steady work. So Empowerment Plan gave them both. For more videos that care: http://u.pw/1rPmbv2 The Empowerment Plan makes coats that double as sleeping bags for the homeless, but they didn't stop there. They also provide people who have struggled with homelessness with jobs they need to get back on their feet again.

If you're looking for photography for your business, whether that is event or marketing related, be sure to reach out to us. We love working with clients who are in the early stages of thinking through "what can we do that will be most effective?". 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

The Cottage Bar 90th Anniversary | Grand Rapids Business Photography

Did you know The Cottage Bar celebrates it's 90th anniversary on May 19

If you ask owner Dan Verhil about the celebration, he is excited for the milestone, but is planning on many more years of The Cottage Bar being a staple of the Grand Rapids food scene. 

We were connected with Dan through Local First West Michigan, a non-profit organization that exists to build a local economy driven by locally owned businesses. They had interest in featuring long-standing locally owned businesses and asked us to create an image that they could feature. 

After contacting Dan, sitting down with him and asking a few questions about his business, it became clear that his passion is serving both new and long standing customers. Local First wanted to have a photo that could show him "serving food, beer and interacting with guests." 

With our creative thinking caps on, we pitched the idea of having Dan in multiple scenes of a single photograph. It would represent his journey of being with guests for many, many years (between his father and him, it's been a part of the family for 50 of the 90 years). 

Dan liked the idea and I asked a couple of people to come help me with the actual shoot. First was Kaila Parent, a Grand Rapids designer who was to stitch photos together and make the final image look wonderful. Second was Shannon Oliver, a friend who loves documenting life on film, who I asked to come down and document the shoot. 

Knowing the final photo would be somewhat of a panoramic shot of The Cottage Bar dining area, we ended up shooting 5 separate images for the 4 different scenes that were to be stitched together. 

The final image, which Kaila did a great job with, was posted earlier this week and helps commemorate the 90th anniversary of The Cottage Bar. 

The final image is below along with a short vlog that shows some of the behind the scenes from the photo shoot with myself, Kaila, Dan and Shannon. 

Many thanks to those who were willing models and participants and don't forget, Dan said he'd buy you all a round of drinks next time you're at The Cottage Bar.

If you're looking for photography for your business, whether that is event or marketing related, be sure to reach out to us. We love working with clients who are in the early stages of thinking through "what can we do that will be most effective?". 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Runway on the Rapids 2017 | Grand Rapids Event Photography

Grand Rapids fashion was on display at the 2017 Runway on the Rapids event hosted by the Saint Mary's Foundation

Local boutiques DENYM, Lee&Birch, Elizabeth Halsey and The Shoppe at Saint Mary's provided spring and summer looks to the massive audience at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids.

In addition to the local boutiques, this years show brought guests Siss Viss, a Memphis designer who creates pieces using bicycle inner tubes. She is a two time winner of Memphis Fashion week and brought the house down with her amazing designs. 

Hair and makeup for the evening was provided by 15 East Salon, Bang Blowdry Bar and Salon, Chasing Vanity Salon and Spa and Hanna Wagner Design.

Music for the event was produced and performed by Grand Rapids' own DJ AB.

The event benefits the Multiple Sclerosis Program at Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences. Fashion show creator Kim VanOeffeln has suffered with MS for the past 6 years. She and co-creator Alyssa Locke have created an environment where fashion takes the stage to benefit those experiencing MS in the Grand Rapids area. 

We have photographed the fashion show and fundraiser since 2014 and this year saw the largest attendance of any show! If you would like to see the event's history, feel free to visit the 2014 fashion show, the 2015 fashion show or the 2016 fashion show

Throughout the evening we are tasked with photographing 3 things: 

  1. Candids & details of the event showing how much fun guests are having
  2. Portraits of Models for each Boutique
  3. Fashion show itself & the energy of the evening

Below you will see these type of images and many thanks goes to Kristy Berends, my assistant for the evening who took care of the candid & detail images while I was shooting portraits of models backstage. 

If you would like to see the complete gallery of images from the show, be sure to visit the online gallery provided by the Saint Mary's Foundation on Facebook (feel free to LIKE their page as well while you're there).

If you have an upcoming charity event or have an event that requires orchestration and has a lot of moving parts throughout the day (or over the course of a few days), we are more than happy to help you plan and execute a great media strategy and provide you with amazing photography in the process.

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

What's It Like? | Photography for ACG Western Michigan

It was 2010 when I was first contacted to photograph an event for ACG Western Michigan

I thought to myself, what is ACG and what do they do? I quickly found out they were the group responsible for business growth in West Michigan.

ACG stands for "Association of Corporate Growth" and the Western Michigan chapter is made up of bankers, CPAs, consultants, attorneys and private equity investors. 

What that simply means is ACG Western Michigan is where business gets done. Serious business.

We love working with long term clients who understand the value of great photography.

That is why we invest in learning about clients like ACG Western Michigan: what their needs are, what type of images work best for their marketing and media needs, etc.

ACG hosts events for members (and non-members) throughout the year with a few flagship events that are the highlights for the chapter. 

A few of those events include the Outstanding Growth Awards, ACG Cup, Women in Finance, ACG Michigan Public Policy Summit & ACG Young Professionals.

Since I have been working with them since 2010, I have been able to see the growth of the chapter, the growth of networking opportunities and just this past year, watching ACG Western Michigan be recognized as "Chapter of the Year" by ACG Global in 2016.

All that is to simply say, if you're looking to meet the business community in West Michigan, ACG Western Michigan is the place to be at the moment.

They are responsible for moving the business community forward in Grand Rapids and making the area such a great place for businesses to relocate to and continue to grow. 

Many clients wonder what it's like to have a long term relationship with a photographer who photographs events and provides images for social media, marketing collateral & public relations. 

Since we've been working with ACG Western Michigan for over 8 years, I thought I could give you a taste of what it's like to get to know an organizations needs and then create images that meet those needs.

ACG Western Michigan is a volunteer run organization, but that doesn't mean there's not staff putting all the pieces in place to make sure the chapter runs well. Julie Metsker, owner of Professional Association Resources is the Chapter Executive & manages the day to day operations. 

She has managed the chapter since the early 2000s and her leadership, along with strong boards for ACG Western Michigan, have grown the chapter to over 300 members strong, 80+ networking events a year and the honor of being named the 2016 ACG Chapter of the Year.

We have built a great working relationship with Julie and her team at PAR and because of that relationship, have created a photo library for her and her team that dates back to 2010. Below you will find a recap of some of the flagship events we have photographed for ACG Western Michigan. 

You will see how their events have evolved, grown and morphed into what they are today: Grand Rapids' premier business networking organization.

You will also see how our photography style has changed since 2010 (for the better).

2010 Outstanding Growth Award Winner, Perrigo
(JW Marriott, Grand Rapids)

2011 Outstanding Growth Award Winner, Service Express, Inc.
(DeVos Place, Grand Rapids)

2012 Outstanding Growth Award, ADAC Automotive
(Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids)

2013 Outstanding Growth Award, Zeeland Farm Services
(JW Marriott, Grand Rapids)

2014 Outstanding Growth Award, Founders Brewing Co.
(Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids)

2015 Outstanding Growth Award, JR Automation
(DeVos Place, Grand Rapids)

2016 Outstanding Growth Award, Open Systems Technologies
(DeVos Place, Grand Rapids)

2017 Outstanding Growth Award, Comfort Research
(DeVos Place, Grand Rapids)

Who is ACG in 2017? Check out this short film by David at Motivity Pictures who shot & produced the video for the 2017 Outstanding Growth Awards.

ACG Cup Western Michigan

Beginning in 2015, ACG Western Michigan had us come out to their annual student competition, the ACG Cup. 

Not only does ACG gives undergraduate and graduate students exposure to real world mergers and acquisition scenarios, it also gives away $10,000 in prize money to the winners.

ACG Western Michigan is the only chapter in the world that offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to compete in the ACG Cup. This is one of the pioneering programs the Western Michigan chapter has created in the past few years.  

Teams from around the state converge into Grand Rapids where they present their recommendations to a "board of directors" made up of professionals from the business world. It allows students the chance to network, discover internships in their fields of interest and meet the people who are moving business forward in Grand Rapids. 

Following the February event, winners are announced at the Outstanding Growth Awards in March every year and presented with the ACG Winners Cup & a check for their hard work. 

In addition to the competition, we provide students with the chance to have a new professional portrait taken to update their online presence. 

2015 ACG Cup Competition

2016 ACG Cup Competition

2017 ACG Cup Competition

Here is a quick recap of the 2017 ACG Cup in Grand Rapids, again by David at Motivity Pictures.

ACG Western Michigan has also pioneered two different programs: Women in Finance and ACG Michigan Public Policy Forum.

ACG Women in Finance

The goal of the Women in Finance committee is to "Create a Community for the Advancement of Women in Finance." 

Through the pillars of Mentorship, Education and Work-Life Integration, the Women in Finance Group has brought in several keynote speakers & hosted panels from women (and men) in the finance world right now who have wisdom in specific topics. 

ACG Michigan Policy Summit

The ACG Michigan Policy Summit brings together both the Western Michigan and Detroit Chapters of ACG to educate its members about what is going on in state politics. 

The Summit was held in 2015 and again in 2017 with Lt. Governor Brian Calley being the keynote at both events. Calley provided his thoughts on what Michigan is doing and can do to make the business climate in Michigan more attractive. He also fielded questions from the audience. 

In addition to Lt. Governor Calley's remarks, a panel of experts in the M&A space around the state were brought together and asked questions about the current state of business in Michigan. 

ACG Young Professionals

In addition to all these networking opportunities, ACG Western Michigan has made it a priority to invest in the next generation of professional in the business and finance world. 

ACG Western Michigan Young Professionals (Young ACG) is a group specifically for those in the business and finance world "under 40". 

The Young ACG group has special networking events in addition to the regular programming ACG Western Michigan offers (and at some pretty fantastic spots like Varnum's rooftop and Start Garden). 

If you're looking for the folks who are going to be the next generation of CEOs, COOs and business owners, the Young ACG group in Western Michigan is the place to find them.

If you've made it this far, it means you're probably interested in knowing more about ACG Western Michigan.

I would recommend checking out their upcoming events and finding one that is right for you. Or you can reach out to the chapter directly and let them know you heard about them because of this post. 

Our relationship with our clients is what we hold in highest esteem. 

We want to learn about you, your company, your culture & help create a photo program that will meet your marketing and PR needs. 

That's what we've done with ACG Western Michigan. We can do it for you too!

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Hello West Michigan Annual Meeting | Grand Rapids Event Photography

Hello West Michigan is a unique and special organization.

Their purpose is to promote West Michigan as a place where business thrives and people want to live and work.

Sometimes when you live and work in a location your entire life, it's difficult to message what makes the West Michigan area unique. Hello West Michigan solves that problem for us! 

Their role in the community is to be a one stop shop for the "in-migrant" population looking to return or relocate to West Michigan. 

If you've never lived in the area, how do you build a network of people who look out for you and your career interests? How do you know when a company is looking to hire? 

Hello West Michigan serves not only those looking to relocate to the area, but they also serve their member businesses. Their goal is to meet the needs of companies looking to hire the best talent they can find. 

Their annual meeting, held this year at Haworth in Holland, revolved around what the organization has done in the past 12 months. 

Here is the best statistic of the meeting:

Out of the 1499 resumes Hello West Michigan has sent to member companies on behalf of people trying to relocate here, they have help 750 of them get hired -- over 50%!

The organization is run by Executive Director Cindy Brown and Program Manager Rachel Bartels

If you're looking for the right job for your skill set and want to be in West Michigan, Hello West Michigan is the place to start.

If you're in need of photography for your organization or business, please reach out to us via our website.

Our goal is to make life simpler and easier for the busy business owner and their staff. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

IBTIKAR MC at Start Garden | Grand Rapids Business Photography

We met Ghassan Haddad (San), Founder and President of IBTIKAR Management Consulting while taking team portraits for Start Garden. We were taking portraits of the newly added Start Garden staff when after the session, San came over inquired what it would be like to have professional portraits done for himself and his team. 

It continues to amaze me how business grows and develops in Grand Rapids. Someone who we work for happens to know someone, who happens to know someone else who is looking for business photography in Grand Rapids

Because of our time at Start Garden, a few weeks later we met with San and discussed what he was looking for when it came to portraits and photos. 

He said he needed photos that were professional, approachable and creative.

His company uses methods of innovation (which is what IBTIKAR means) for clients across the globe, so it was necessary that no matter who viewed the photos, they would see IBTIKAR as a group of real people they can work with. 

IBTIKAR MC is directed and run mainly by San and Zain ElsadigRachel Haddad, Abigail McClung and Kim Kalman all play administrative, project management and creative roles within the company. 

If you're in need of portraits for your organization or business, please reach out to us via our website.

Our goal is to make life simpler and easier for the busy business owner and their marketing staff. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.

Investor Breakfast Series with The Right Place | Grand Rapids Event Photography

The Right Place is an organization you have heard about time and time again. 

But more than likely you don't know what they do, how they do it or even why they are a big deal. 

I have had the pleasure of working with The Right Place and their staff over the past two years. When you visit their website, you will see they define themselves as "a private, non-profit economic development organization".

What does that mean for you and I? 

It means over the past 30 years, with the help of investors, businesses and partnerships, they have become a one stop shop when it comes to building, growing or relocating a business to the Grand Rapids area

They are the " single source for business success in Grand Rapids" and part of their role is to bring the business community together through their event programming. 

One of their signature event series is the "Investor Breakfast Series" that is exclusive to investors. The events are held several times a year, feature updates about the West Michigan economy and feature speakers that move the conversation forward for the business community. 

Over the past few years I been able to photograph events at Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Valley State University's Pew Campus and West Michigan Aviation Academy just to name a few. 

The February event was held at Frederik Meijer Gardens and featured the latest strategic plan for economic development for the West Michigan region. 

The Right Place CEO, Birgit Klohs (please don't call her "Bridget", it's not her name) laid out the direction of where she sees the area going economically and what industries will be the "hottest of the hot" as the West Michigan economy continues to diversify away from manufacturing and brings in new technology companies, like Switch. 

Based on Klohs' history report and look into the future, the future for Grand Rapids is bright. 

If you're holding an event and are in need of event photography in Grand Rapids for PR, media or advertising purposes, be sure and contact us. We serve businesses in the Grand Rapids area and would love to connect with you. 

Tiberius Images is a Grand Rapids photographer that photographs people, places and events. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they serve clients throughout the world and are available for travel.